Calm Tummy Bitters

  • Chamomile & Ginger
    An aromatic pairing of chamomile and ginger that helps to soothe and calm occasional upset stomachs.*

    1. For occasional nausea*
    2. Help soothe your stomach during stress*
    3. For occasional heartburn, gas & bloating*
    4. Delightful, soothing taste
  • Water; Organic Cane Alcohol; Org. Dandelion Root; Org. Dandelion Leaf; Org. Chamomile Flowers; Org. Burdock Root; Org. Yellow Dock Root; Org. Ginger Root. Citrus Free. Essential Oil Free. 35-40% alcohol. Certified Organic & Gluten Free.
  • Suggested use: 1.2 ml (1/4 tsp) before or after meals, up to 6 times per day. If pregnant or lactating, consult your healthcare provider.

    Servings per bottle:
    1. 0.5oz (15mL) is approx. 12 servings
    2. 2oz (59mL) is approx. 49 servings
    3. 8oz (237mL) is approx. 198 servings

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Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Laurie K.

Calm Tummy Bitters

This really works!

I'm new to Urban Moonshine and when I came across this site I thought I'd get some calm tummy bitters for our road trip. We drove through the NC mountains and I anticipated some of us getting carsick. The spray worked really well and we were all use to passing the travel spray around on our drives. I'm so thankful for these bitters. Thank you Urban Moonshine for creating such a clean, concentrated product that delivers!

Helen D.
Calm Tummy Vibes

First time trying this product. And I will say it does not disappoint. I use Digestive Bitters for everyday before meals. But Calm Tummy is for the times (for me) when I’m experiencing bloating or nausea. Works very well.

Antoinette L.
Calm Tummy

These bitters have been amazing. They've been helping to calm my gut while I've been pregnant. I've had relief from bloating, gas and burping when using. I'm extremely happy with them!

Lauren G.
Calm Tummy Bitters

For nausea relief, I SWEAR BY THIS!!