Jovial King:Founder, CEO, Creative Director

:::::: Mother, Herbalist, Entrepreneur, Adventure Seeker, Dreamer ::::::::

Jovial started Urban Moonshine in her kitchen eight years ago and it has grown from a booth at the local farmers market to a national brand. Raised deep in the countryside of Northern Vermont, Jovial grew up on an off-the-grid homestead where she spent endless hours wandering in the woods, swimming in the creek, climbing trees and digging around in the garden. It was a childhood deeply immersed in plants and exploration of the wild, uncultivated power of nature. She found she had a great love of plants and herbal medicine. Her goal is to bring herbal medicine out of the cupboard and onto the counter, into everyday life.

Inspiration: Big ideas, the stack of books by my bed, the Sunday New York Times, people that live the life they love, and the thought that I can do anything I want if I set my mind to it.

Favorite Things: Space to think and dream, my garden, morning snuggles from my boys, travel.

Nourishment: Good conversation, my girlfriends, herbal baths, peaceful runs outside, hot soup in the winter, and cold creek swims in the summer.

Astrology sign: Virgo.

Hometown: Bakersfield, VT

Guido Masé:Chief Herbalist

:::::: Clinical Herbalist, Runner, Father, Author ::::::::

Guido is a clinical herbalist, herbal educator, and garden steward specializing in holistic Western herbalism, though his approach is eclectic and draws upon many influences. Guido works clinically and teaches at the Vermont Center for Integrative Herbalism and is a professional member of the American Herbalists Guild. He is the author of The Wild Medicine Solution: Healing with Aromatic, Bitter and Tonic Plants

Inspiration: Late-night work, mythology and folktales, research on medicinal plants and the study of consciousness. Who are we? Where are our edges?

Favorite Things: Old books. Boxes. Artifacts from nature, like sticks, stones and bones; or from humans, like talismans, small art and bottles.

Nourishment: Spending time in the forest, either running alone on trails or wandering aimlessly with a friend, my wife or my daughter, but also sharing a bottle of wine at a small table and watching the city streets.

Astrology sign: Aquarius.

Hometown: Ferrara, Italy.

Lexie Donovan:Chief Operating Officer

:::::: Herbal Enthusiast, Botanist, Excel Nerd, Forest Lover, Artist ::::::::

Lexie has a BS in Plant Biology and Environmental Sciences; she is a plant-lover at heart, and was drawn to Urban Moonshine’s mission of reconnecting people to plant-medicine. Since she started at the company in 2012, Lexie has grown quickly from administrative assistant to a managerial position. With proficiencies in data and systems analysis, financial planning, project management, and company oversight, Lexie has learned the many intricacies of Urban Moonshine from bottom up. A love for ecology, holistic health, and sustainability, combined with intelligence and drive, make her a valuable asset to Urban Moonshine’s leadership team..

Inspiration: Outdoor adventures, learning, beautiful landscapes, sustainable design, challenge, love, DIY projects, dreaming big.

Favorite Things: Deep woods, yoga, dogs, the ocean, reading a good book in a sunny spot, autumn.

Nourishment: Cooking delicious & healthy food, swimming, forest bathing, getting lost in The Sun magazine every month, yoga, running, lots and lots of tea, spending time with loved ones & my pup, painting

Astrology sign: Taurus

Hometown: Newark, DE.

Colleen Dando:New Product Development Coordinator, Quality Control Analyst, Farmer Relations, Sustainability

:::::: Plant advocate, Supertaster, Aspiring ethnobotanist, Mother, Passionate Soul, Runner, Herbalist ::::::::

Colleen first arrived in the Green Mountain state for college. While completing her liberal arts degree, she landed a job in a local apothecary that opened the door to the rich culture and community of herbal medicine in Vermont. This is where she first met Jovial and Guido. Her love of plants and people led her to travel, but ultimately always led her back to Vermont. In 2008, she found herself blending and tinkering in Jovial’s kitchen. Colleen helped develop and then managed the production of Urban Moonshine’s blends for almost 5 years. She’s learned a great deal in her time during the startup of a small business and has worn many hats as the company has grown and matured. Her knowledge and experience of plants allows her to help formulate, procure and analyze based on her keen perception of the essence and quality. Her equally keen empathy and quiet strength is appreciated by everyone lucky enough to work with her!

Inspiration: Plants, finding beauty, artistic expression, unique fashion, traveling, authentic human connections, reading, listening, making magic.

Favorite Things: My daughter, family, curating displays that emphasize beauty and detail, late nights with coyotes, hot weather, running, different cultures, being in nature, exploring, helping others help themselves.

Nourishment: Poetry, good food, ‘church-of-the-woods,’ herbal baths, house plants, gardening, being active.

Astrology sign: Taurus

Hometown: Norwalk, CT.

Megan Foster:Sales Director.

:::::: Mother, Gardener, Skiier, Environmentalist, Sister ::::::::

Megan jumped into selling Urban Moonshine in early 2010. She honed her strong communication skills in the start-up phase as sales grew quickly year over year, and she developed a cohesive sales team around the emerging and expanding brand. Megan brings commitment and enthusiasm for Urban Moonshine’s mission and solid analytic and linguistic aptitude to the position. Her joys in the position are connecting with buyers, looking for trends and insights to sustainable long term growth, and developing sales strategy with the team.

Inspiration: Our mission to broaden access to herbal medicine.

Favorite Things: Books and films, putting food by with friends, Lake Champlain, the seasons.

Nourishment: Spending time with my family in the woods, by the lake, on the river.

Astrology sign: Scorpio

Hometown: Brandon, VT.

Amy Trynosk:National Accounts Manager & Broker Management

:::::: Traveler, Yogi, Herbalist ::::::::

Amy Trynoski leads the sales team at Urban Moonshine, specializing in managing our national accounts and chains, acting as our herbal ambassador on the ground and most recently working with our brokers. Amy brings an excellent set of skills to the company, including in-depth knowledge of botanical medicine coupled with business management experience and a knack for personal connection. After completing a program and apprenticeship with the renowned 7Song at the Northeast School of Botanical Medicine, Amy studied herbal medicine under other teachers. She honed her strengths in business organization and management while owning her own restaurant for 5 years, thereafter. Amy is an outdoor enthusiast, health advocate, and a certified yoga teacher. As a traveling sales rep and educator, she enjoys spreading herbal knowledge to Urban Moonshine’s nation-wide network of enthusiasts.

Inspiration: Traveling to new places

Favorite Things: Being outside, yoga, funny people, snowboarding, soccer.

Nourishment: Yoga, fresh air, laughing.

Astrology sign: Aries

Hometown: Shickshinny, PA, now Burlington, VT.

Vicki Kuskowski:Design Manager

:::::: Mother, Graphic Designer, Nature Lover, Bookworm ::::::::

Vicki majored in English and French but somehow found her way into graphic design and marketing. Her love of books led her to the publishing industry where she worked as a book designer for many years before becoming the art director for Juniper Ridge. Thus began her interest in the natural products industry and her love of organic and sustainable goods. After 7 years in California she moved to Vermont to work as the senior graphic designer for Zutano. When a marketing manager position opened for Urban Moonshine in 2015, she jumped at the opportunity. She is so happy to have joined the world of herbalism and plant medicine and loves working for such a meaningful, community-minded brand.

Inspiration: Nature, my family, knowledge, color, patterns, amazing writers, the stars.

Favorite Things: Walking in the woods, laughing with my kids, going to the library, visiting new places, date night.

Nourishment: Reading, crafting, hiking, hot showers

Astrology sign: Scorpio

Hometown: Huntington, NY.

Lauren Pomerson:Production Manager, Inventory & Warehouse Controls

:::::: Adrenaline Junkie, Tree Climber, Doggy Lover, Outdoor Enthusiast, Explorer ::::::::

Lauren joined the team in 2013 as a part-time bottler and has worn many different hats at Urban Moonshine since then to get where she is now. Lauren manages the production schedule, incoming shipments, and inventory. She loves having a job that challenges her and requires lots of problem solving. She’s a plant lover who went to school at UVM for Environmental Studies and was drawn to Urban Moonshine in order to learn and expand her herbal knowledge.

Inspiration: Night skies, wilderness, big mountains, co-workers, yummy food, travel.

Favorite Things: Really old trees, runners high, spicy food, climbing on rocks, mountain biking.

Nourishment: Mountain air, family, sunshine, cooking, hot drinks.

Astrology sign: Capricorn

Hometown: Roanoke, VA.

Iona Woolmington:Designer

:::::: Cartoonist, Bookworm, Scientist ::::::::

Iona has a B.A. in Geology and an M.F.A. in cartooning & design. She joined the team at Urban Moonshine after years of enjoying their bitters, and was drawn to their mission to make herbal medicine easy and enjoyable. Iona is one half of Urban Moonshine’s design team. She loves the challenge of using image and text to communicate complex ideas. Her enthusiasm for accessible basic medicine, plants, and the natural world keep her excited & engaged every day.

Inspiration: Art, Music

Favorite Things: Plants, underground comics, reading

Nourishment: Playing music, drawing & writing in a coffee shop, tracking wildlife, studying the natural world, swimming

Astrology sign: Scorpio

Hometown: Bennington, VT

Aisling Badger:Herbalist And Social Media Coordinator

:::::: Clinical Herbalist, Botanist, Alchemist, Nature Lover, Adventurer ::::::::

Aisling grew up in a family of herbalists and naturalists so loving the outdoors was hardwired. She studied Ethnobotany on the West Coast in college, which only deepened her love of plants. She later moved back to Vermont where she completed the 3-year clinical herbal program at the Vermont Center for Integrative Herbalism, and she has been working as a herbalist ever since. A life-long lover of the outdoors and of healthy lifestyles, Aisling was drawn to Urban Moonshine’s mission of reconnecting people to plant medicine; she joined the team in 2013 and loves working with such a vibrant, inspiring group of people.

Inspiration: The woods, plants of all kinds, fresh vegetables, Nordic design, coffee in bed, snuggling, travel

Favorite Things: Love. Nature, plants, wide open water, wood fires. Photographs, Kinfolk magazine. My herbal community, planning and dreaming adventures.

Nourishment: Hiking, the outdoors, hot herbal baths. Yoga, cooking healthy meals with lots of green veggies. The people I love. Reading inspiring poetry or books by my favorite authors. Resting, laughing, crafting and keeping in touch with dear friends..

Astrology sign: Leo

Hometown: Freedom, NH

Betsy Ross:Inside Sales Rep

:::::: Herb Lover, Yogi, Dog Mom ::::::::

Betsy has worn many hats over the years but all with the same personal goal: maintaining her optimal health and wellness. And, while living down the road along the lake, she found her way into the herbal mecca of Burlington, VT: Urban Moonshine! Betsy is a vibrant and nurturing person who thrives in her position as a sales rep, always taking great care of UM retailers and their customers. She has always enjoyed serving others whether it’s been in the capacity of helping a fellow snowsport enthusiast find the best gear, soothing a laboring mother at birth, assisting her dermatology patients as a medical assistant, or even attending concerts for the simple importance of watching over a rock star’s child. It’s a fun life and her playful, kind spirit is well suited to live the life she loves.

Inspiration: Artists of all kinds. My colleagues.

Favorite Things: My gem collection, my yoga mat.

Nourishment: Hikes with my dog Bernie, dancing to live music, inhaling fresh air, getting a massage and laughing out loud!

Astrology sign: Taurus

Hometown: Stony Brook, NY, and more recently; Burlington, VT.

Kimberly Trenholm:Sales Support

:::::: Mother, Grateful Spirit, at peace in nature, Music Lover, Warrior ::::::::

Kim is forever a student of herbalism and loves sharing that passion in her work with Urban Moonshine. Being able to connect with customers and retailers through her position as sales support, she is able to interact with other herbal wisdom seekers and deepen her knowledge. In school she studied Biology and English, and worked as a makeup artist for many years.

Inspiration: My children, our connection with the world, music.

Favorite Things: Being outdoors and enjoying a hike, walk, meditation, snowboarding, yoga, art, seeing live music, delicious food, poetry and books, the stars, animals, my family and my friends.

Nourishment: Genuine laughs, smiles, scents and subtle sounds, beauty in all forms.

Astrology sign: Gemini

Hometown: Methuen, Massachusetts.