Clear Chest Herbal Syrup

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  • Bronchial Support* 
    The herbs in Clear Chest support a healthy respiratory system.* Our herbs are in a base of raw honey and lemon.

    1. Features certified organic elecampane & thyme
    2. Helps support a healthy bronchial system*
    3. For respiratory support every day*
  • Water; Organic Cane Alcohol; Org. Elecampane Root; Org. Raw Honey; Org. Thyme Leaf; Org. Licorice Root; Org. Elderflower; Org. Lobelia Leaf and Seed; Org. Lemon Peel. 35-40% alcohol. Certified Organic and Gluten Free.
  • Suggested use: 7.5 ml (1 ½ tsp) up to 4 times per day. Not to be used during pregnancy.

    Servings per bottle:
    1. 4.2 fl oz (125mL) is approx. 16 servings
    2. 8.4 fl oz (250mL) is approx. 33 servings

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Customer Reviews

Based on 57 reviews
Frank P.
Really Good for Breathing

This syrup really helped clear my mucus and helped with my breathing. I will order it again.

Ann W.
Works well for me

Ever since a friend recommended Clear Chest several years ago I have been reaching for it at the first feeling of deep chest congestion and rarely need more than one or two doses to feel better.


This in one of my favorites as it helps my chest to feel more open.
Thank you!

Rose P.
Clear Chest

This is the worst thing Ive tasted!!
I thought I drank varnish!
This product works well but I dont think I could handle another dose due to the unbearable taste

Clint T.

Clear Chest Herbal Syrup