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Clear Chest Syrup

Clear Chest Syrup

Supports a healthy respiratory system, with herbs in a base of raw honey and lemon*

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How To Use

  • Helps support a healthy bronchial system*
  • Provides daily respiratory support*

Organic Proprietary Herbal Extract Blend: Organic Elecampane Root; Org. Thyme Leaf; Org. Licorice Root; Org. Elderflower; Org. Lobelia Leaf and Seed.

Other Ingredients: Filtered Water; Org. Cane Alcohol; Org. Raw Honey; Org. Apple Cider Vinegar; Org. Lemon Flavor.

35-40% alcohol. Certified Organic and Gluten Free.

Suggested use: 7.5 ml (1 ½ tsp) up to 3 times per day. Not to be used during pregnancy.

Servings per bottle:
4.2 fl oz (125mL) is approx. 16 servings
8.4 fl oz (250mL) is approx. 33 servings

Do not use if you are allergic to plants in the daisy family (Asteraceae). Do not use if you are pregnant. Consult a healthcare practitioner prior to use if you are breastfeeding. Consult a healthcare practitioner if symptoms persist or worsen, or for use in children under 12 years of age.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 66 reviews

This stuff is wonderfully formulated! I just received it and couldn’t wait to open and take a tsp. Within about a minute or two, all the phlegm that had been locked away in my chest started to purge in thick clumps, unlike the thinner mucus I was expelling prior to taking a spoonful of Urban Moonshine. Thyme is THE BEST herb for lungs, plus all of the other ingredients helps the thyme to mobilize and take effect expeditiously!
I gave this product 5 stars based on its effectiveness. Now I must express my criticisms with regard to shipping. I elected to pay an additional $10 for shipping, hoping/expecting to receive my order long before 5 days. I truly was expecting 2days! Getting the orders out sooner will possibly help expedite shipping on the end of UPS, providing your devoted customers to the desired soothing relief a lot sooner.
All in all, I am so thankful for your company and its products!
-Many Blessings!!

Good stuff

Very good medicine

Briana E.

Clear Chest supports our family all winter long. I love that it is organic, made with natural ingredients like honey and thyme. It works better than anything we’ve tried.

John R.

Clear Chest Syrup

Stellar Medicine

I try to keep your Clear Chest on hand year round. It's excellent medicine and I appreciate the quality and perfection of this powerful tincture. Thank you for continuing your work with the highest standards and stewardship. It's not easy in this world to hold the line. It means everything to the rest of us who are fighting for healing and wellness, and a greener world.