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Traditions and the Importance of Bitterness at our Table

by Aisling Badger November 20, 2016 1 Comment

Traditions and the Importance of Bitterness at the Table

The holidays are known as the season of indulgence, and we should allow ourselves to partake in the merriment of eating together, because who wants to lose out on that? 

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Science Update: Bitter Taste Effects On The Airway

by Guido Masé November 17, 2016 5 Comments

Science Update: Bitter Taste Effects on the Airways

Ever since discovering that bitter taste receptors are found in the airways we have been following this emerging area with an eye to how

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Bitters and Heart Health: Emerging Research

by Guido Masé September 01, 2016 1 Comment

Bitters And Heart Health

The first benefit everyone notices from trying herbal bitters is improved digestion. But as we keep finding, the injection of digestive prowess that follows a bitter taste stimulus is just the tip of the iceberg...


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5 Ways To Love Up Your Gut

by Guest Blogger July 19, 2016

Love Your Gut--Maya Shetreat-Klein, M.D.

If you want to optimize your health, loving up your gut is the first step. Here are five ways to improve gut health from Maya Shetreat-Klein, M.D.


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Bitters and Digestive Secretions: Spotlight on Hydrochloric Acid

by Rachael Keener June 28, 2016 2 Comments

Bitters and Digestive Secretions

By now you may have heard the good news: that regular use of bitters is one of the very best ways you can support digestive health...

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Bitters: A Gentle Daily Dose

by Rachael Keener April 22, 2016 8 Comments

If you wanted to get your body into good physical fitness, would you choose to exercise vigorously for 1-2 weeks of the year and otherwise remain inactive?...

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Bitter Plant Profiles: Dandelion + Burdock

by Rachael Keener April 18, 2016 1 Comment

Bitter Plant Profiles--Dandelion

If Urban Moonshine had to pick a mascot, it would probably be the dandelion. Dandelion root is an iconic bitter traditionally used to support liver health and clear skin.  

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A Diverse Ecosystem = A Healthy Ecosystem, Inside + Out

by Rachael Keener April 08, 2016

Plant Diversity Inside and Out

At Urban Moonshine, we recognize the relationship between the health of the individual and the health of the planet...

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Bitters vs. Digestive Enzymes

by Rachael Keener November 21, 2015 26 Comments

Bitters Vs Digestive Enzymes

Our digestive systems often need a little extra support. Sometimes it’s an aching belly that signals to us that our digestive systems could use a little help.

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How Bitters Help Nourish You (And Why You Want them Around During the Season of Indulgence)

by Rachael Keener November 06, 2015

How Bitters Help Nourish You

If you’re motivated to eat well because you want to feel your best, then certainly you want to ensure your body is able to absorb all...

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Bitters: An Alternative to Strict Food Elimination

by Rachael Keener August 11, 2015

Bitters: An Alternative to Strict Food Elimination

A healthy digestive tract is key to supporting system-wide health in your body, and when people eliminate certain foods from their diet, it is often...

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Body Intelligence

by Rachael Keener August 05, 2015 2 Comments

Bitters and Body Intelligence

The human body is rather ingenious in how it functions. Quite miraculous, in fact, are all of the given ways which our body hums, ticks, and morphs along...

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