Herb Profiles: Medicinal Herbs & Their Uses
Information on the herbs we use in Urban Moonshine products


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American Ginseng Root: 
We are no longer using American Ginseng. Please read more about why we’ve decided to do this here.

Angelica Root: Pungent and earthy angelica root makes for a lovely, aromatic bitter tonic. Aromatic plants are traditionally used for supporting healthy, relaxed muscle tone. This includes the smooth muscle that lines our digestive tract, which is handy when it comes to relieving the discomfort associated with occasional gas and bloating. Angelica works in a variety of ways to support optimal digestive function, its bitter flavor being another of the plant’s benefits. Stimulating our bitter taste buds encourages the flow of digestive secretions, allowing digestion and metabolism to run at their best. Keep this root around for supporting healthy lungs, as well.

Safety: Consult an expert healthcare practitioner before use in pregnancy. Consult your doctor and use caution when taking with anti-coagulant medications. Use caution and consult an expert healthcare provider before use in individuals with gallstones or biliary obstructions.

Urban Moonshine Products Featuring Angelica Root: Organic Original Bitters, Organic Citrus Bitters, Organic Maple Bitters, Angelica Root Single Extract

Artichoke: Artichoke leaf is known for its optimally bitter taste and its ability to support healthy liver function. Part or our liver’s job is to filter out and expel the normal byproducts of our body’s everyday processes. Artichoke is an ideal tonic for ensuring optimal liver function so that your body can work (and play!) at its best.

Urban Moonshine Products Featuring Artichoke: Aller-Blast

Ashwagandha: This robust root is a staple in Ayurvedic medicine and is considered one of the ultimate adaptogens. Ashwagandha supports resilience and balance through life’s little ups and downs. It is nutritionally fortifying and maintains a healthy nervous system, improving your ability to stay strong, steady and grounded.

Urban Moonshine Products Featuring AshwagandhaSimmer Down Tonic

astragalus Astragalus: A favorite in traditional Chinese wellness formulas, astragalus is a superb tonic for supporting a vital, resilient immune system. In China and amongst herbalists throughout the world, the root of this leguminous plants is employed as one of the best preventative measures we can take to ensure good health year-round.

Urban Moonshine Products Featuring Astragalus: Organic Immune Tonic, Astragalus Single Extract

Burdock Root: If you’ve ever tried pulling burdock from your backyard, you know that nothing rivals the vigor of this deep and tenacious tap root. Some herbalists observe a relationship between the qualities of a plant as it grows and the qualities it supports in the person taking it. Burdock root has a rich nutritional profile and is very nourishing and food-like. Being well-nourished encourages good health and supports access to your own inner vigor. Here, we can see burdock’s strength mirrored.
The root is highly regarded as an unrivaled digestive tonic and supporter of healthy liver function. As a bitter it is mild, yet effective. Herbalists have long used it to support healthy skin. When harvested in the fall burdock root has a slightly sweet, cool taste to it. The sweetness can be attributed to the starches it stores for itself to make it through a long winter. These starches, also known as inulin, feed us as well and support our bodies in maintaining healthy gut flora. Our fall-harvested burdock root extract is loaded with everything that makes this plant so beneficial.

Urban Moonshine Products Featuring Burdock Root: Organic Original Bitters, Organic Citrus Bitters, Organic Maple Bitters, Organic Chamomile Bitters, Burdock Root Single Extract

Cacao: Chocolate: (almost) everyone’s favorite superfood. We can’t even begin to list all of the reasons why cacao’s health benefits rival its pleasing, heavenly taste. It won its place as the namesake of our Chocolate Love Tonic for its super-charged ability to support healthy libido. Cacao’s rich, deep flavor is the perfect sensual gateway to pleasure and indulgence.

Safety: Due to caffeine content, use caution in pregnancy and lactation. Use caution and consult an expert healthcare practitioner when taking anti-coagulant medication.

Urban Moonshine Products Featuring Cacao: Chocolate Love Tonic

California Poppy: California poppy, a famed wildflower and garden favorite, has buttery orange petals that are at once bold and soothing to behold.  This endearing plant soothes not just in appearance, but also in its ability to support a relaxed nervous system. California poppy is a wonderful bedtime herb that gently supports deep rest at the end of a long day

Urban Moonshine Products Featuring California PoppyHit the Hay

Cayenne: We all know cayenne pepper for the place it keeps in our spice cabinet. Here, it acts as a powerful synergist, helping to bring out the best in the other immune supporting herbs in the formula while harmonizing them into one power-packed zoom! Cayenne also helps keep our immune system on the right track in and of itself and warms us from the inside out. In our Immune Zoom, we add just enough to get things moving, but not too much as to overwhelm.

Urban Moonshine Products Featuring Cayenne: Immune Zoom

chamomile Chamomile: Most everyone knows chamomile for its calmative power and the gentle support it offers the nervous system. What not everyone knows is that this familiar, unassuming flower embodies very similar qualities when it comes to supporting healthy digestion as well. As an aromatic bitter, chamomile is excellent in cases of occasional gas and bloating and for relieving the discomfort of nausea associated with pregnancy. Like other bitter herbs, a few drops of an extract can also be taken after meals in the case of occasional heartburn.

Urban Moonshine Products Featuring Chamomile: Organic Chamomile Bitters


Cinnamon: Cinnamon is a soothing spice that makes its appearance in our Immune Zoom to keep you warm and cozy when you need it most. The curly bark of the cinnamon tree can be powdered or extracted and is traditionally used to support circulation and immune function.

Urban Moonshine Products Featuring Cinnamon: Immune Zoom, Organic Energy Tonic

Damiana: Damiana is an aromatic and arousing herb best known for its traditional use as an aphrodisiac. Its taste is pleasant and mysterious; a balance of being slightly sweet, slightly floral and slightly spicy with a hint of bitter. This herb’s power lies in its ability to warm the senses while easing the mind, allowing you to let go and enjoy the present moment with your lover. Another reason we had to have it in our Chocolate Love Tonic is because it helps direct blood flow to the erogenous zones. Increased blood flow = increased sensation. Let the love flow. Need we say more?

Safety: Use caution and consult an expert healthcare practitioner before use in pregnancy.

Urban Moonshine Products Featuring Damiana: Chocolate Love Tonic

Dandelion Leaf and Root: A traditional digestive remedy, dandelion root can be used before meals to prevent gas and bloating, or after meals for occasional heartburn. It supports healthy liver function, and herbalists prize it for its ability to maintain healthy, clear skin. Try up to 1/2 teaspoon in a little water twice a day, before or after meals. It is a very safe, food-like herb with no known contraindications.

Urban Moonshine Products Featuring Dandelion Leaf & Root: Organic Original Bitters, Organic Citrus Bitters, Organic Maple Bitters, Organic Chamomile Bitters, Dandelion Leaf & Root Single Extract

echinacea Echinacea Leaf, Bud and Root: The leaves, flower buds, and roots of this perennial native to the North American prairie have been traditionally used to support optimal immune function. Echinacea has been trusted far and wide by many to keep us at our healthiest and is a must-have when it comes to natural wellness. The liquid extract, taken in spray form or diluted with a little water, can also be used as a throat spray or mouth rinse to moisten tissue (it has a unique, refreshing flavor). To encourage healthy immunity, the extract is taken at doses of 1 teaspoon up to 5 times a day. At these dose ranges, Echinacea is a safe herb for short-term use.

Urban Moonshine Products Featuring Echinacea: Immune Zoom, Echinacea Leaf, Bud & Root Single Extract


elderberry Elderberry: A healthy immune system is always busy keeping things clean, well and balanced in our bodies. Elderberries support an immune system hard at work, and taste delicious while doing so. The plant’s lacy white flowers precede juicy clusters of small, dark berries. Elder’s regal presentation accompanied by rich, folkloric tales commands our attention. It’s pleasing, fruity taste and longstanding traditional use to fortify healthy immune systems keep us coming back for more. Yum and yes please!

Urban Moonshine Products Featuring Echinacea: Immune Zoom


Elderflower: Elderflower pleases our senses with its whimsical spray of tiny white flowers and the intoxicating aroma they emit. It also pleases our senses in another way; the flower has long been called on as an effective herb for supporting healthy eyes, nose, lungs and sinuses. What a relief! Another of elderflower’s benefits includes helping maintain some of the body’s natural eliminatory functions. When these systems are well-tuned and running clean, we are primed to feel our very best and ready to relish in all of life’s little pleasures.

Urban Moonshine Products Featuring Elderflower: Immune Zoom, Aller-Blast, Elderflower Single Extract

elecampane Elecampane: In bloom, elecampane’s yellow flowers resemble that of a dainty, somewhat timid sunflower. The root of this plant, however, is quite robust and powerful. Herbalists regard elecampane as a must-have herb when it comes to supporting healthy respiratory function. Lungs clean themselves everyday by helping remove mucus. This herb supports our lungs in doing just that. Elecampane is considered a great respiratory tonic, though we can also count on the aromatic nature of its hearty root to act fast in promoting healthy breathing.

Urban Moonshine Products Featuring Elecampane: Clear Chest Syrup


Eleuthero: Commonly referred to as Siberean Ginseng, this adaptogenic herb is sweet in taste and wonderfully building to the constitution. Whether it be in supporting your body’s healthy stress or immune response, eleuthero is well-suited for helping you tap into your deepest inner resources. When we remember that immune systems works best when the body is responding to stress in a healthy way, we can truly appreciate all that eleuthero has to offer our wellbeing.

Safety: Use caution and consult an expert healthcare practitioner when taking with digoxin.

Urban Moonshine Products Featuring Eleuthero: Organic Energy Tonic, Organic Immune Tonic

Gentian Root: Gentian root is an excellent, highly bitter herb esteemed for its ability to support healthy digestive, liver and biliary function. Part or our liver’s job is to filter out and expel the normal byproducts of our body’s everyday processes. As such, gentian is well-suited to keep this metabolic process running smoothly. Herbalists encourage the use of bitters before meals (especially rich meals!) to support our body’s secretion of digestive enzymes, bile and HCL. Occasional gas, bloating, and feelings of heaviness are minimized when our digestive secretions are flowing well. A few drops of gentian extract, like other bitter herbs, can also be taken after meals in the case of occasional heartburn. You’ll notice we feature gentian in most of our bitters formulas and suggest you include it, too, should you ever venture into making your own custom bitters blend! If you consume a healthy diet and you are in the normal blood glucose range, bitters could help support continued healthy glucose levels.

Safety: Avoid use during pregnancy or with active ulcerative disease in the upper GI tract. Use caution and consult an expert healthcare provider before use in individuals with gallstones or biliary obstructions.

Urban Moonshine Products Featuring Gentian Root: Organic Original Bitters, Organic Citrus Bitters, Organic Maple Bitters, Gentian Root Single Extract

Ginger: This tropical rhizome has long been used in teas, food and herbal preparations, and we know why. Ginger’s taste is spicy but earthy, and the warmth it brings to our mouth radiates throughout the body. It is superb at supporting circulation and directing our body’s attention to the places that need healthy maintenance. Spices like ginger that help warm us up can also help us break a sweat when we are ready to cool down. What makes this plant even more impressive is that it can act as a pleasant, supportive herb to our body’s immune function, too.

Urban Moonshine Products Featuring Ginger Root: Organic Immune Tonic, Organic Original Bitters, Organic Citrus Bitters, Organic Maple Bitters, Organic Chamomile Bitters, Organic Energy Tonic, Chocolate Love Tonic, Immune Zoom

Goldenseal Root: Goldenseal grows in the understory of rich hardwood forests and is harvested for the health supportive benefits found in its yellow rhizomes and rootlets. The extract makes for an excellent mucus membrane tissue tonic and has been traditionally used to support tone in the gastrointestinal tract and to encourage digestive secretions. Goldenseal is recognized as an endangered plant species in the wild, so we take extra care to source ours organically cultivated by Zach Woods Herb Farm, our Vermont neighbors.

Safety: Not for use in pregnancy and lactation. Safe for long term use if staying within the recommended low dosage range. Use caution and consult an expert healthcare provider before use in individuals with gallstones or biliary obstructions.

Urban Moonshine Products Featuring Goldenseal Root: Goldenseal Single Extract

Hawthorn Berry, Flower and Leaf: Hawthorn supports a healthy heart. And we mean that both physiologically and emotionally. The small, red berry along with its five-petaled white flower (think apple blossom) and leathery, toothed leaves have traditionally been used to support optimal cardiac function as well as healthy emotional balance. We are happy to bring you an extract that includes all three of these plant parts harvested at different phases of the tree’s yearly growth, as together they make for a dynamic synergy in support of a healthy, vibrant you.

Urban Moonshine Products Featuring Hawthorn: Organic Energy Tonic, Chocolate Love Tonic, Hawthorn Single Extract

Hops: Hops is recognizable by its strong and bitter taste, and is the familiar flavor found in your favorite IPA beer. The resin-laden, feathery strobiles of the hops vine act as potent nervines.  They are fast acting as they soothe tension and support balanced sleep cycles.  Incorporating this herb into your nightly ritual encourages restful sleep.

Urban Moonshine Products Featuring HopsHit the Hay

Kava: Kava root is as pronounced in taste as it is in action.  It is especially well-suited for supporting a relaxed nervous system.  In the face of common, everyday stress and tension, fast-acting kava is one of the most powerful herbs you can have on hand.

Safety: US FDA advises that a potential risk of rare, but severe, liver injury may be associated with kava-containing dietary supplements. Ask a health care professional before use if you have or have had liver problems, frequently use alcoholic beverages, or are taking any medication. Stop use and see a doctor if you develop symptoms that may signal liver problems (e.g., unexplained fatigue, abdominal pain, loss of appetite, fever, vomiting, dark urine, pale stools, yellow eyes or skin). Not for use by persons under 18 years of age, or by pregnant or breastfeeding women. Not for use with alcoholic beverages. Excessive use or use with products that cause drowsiness may impair your ability to operate a vehicle or heavy equipment.

Urban Moonshine Products Featuring KavaHit the Hay

Lemonbalm Leaf: Dubbed the “gladdening herb”, this mint family plant has been traditionally used to support us during times of stress, encouraging calm in the face of occasional anxiety. Additionally, herbalists recommend it for “butterflies” in the stomach, where it can help relieve a feeling of fullness or pressure due to gas. It is often used as a tea, but a liquid extract is incredibly aromatic and can be taken at a dose of 1 teaspoon, mixed with a little sparkling water, as needed. Taken two or three times daily, it is very safe and can be used long-term.

Urban Moonshine Products Featuring Lemonbalm Leaf: Organic Joy Tonic, Lemonbalm Leaf Single Extract

Lemongrass: This tropical grass brings sunshine and warmth to our Joy Tonic. Used widely as a culinary herb to brighten and flavor complex dishes, in this formula it rounds out the other pleasant flavors and lends a hand in nervous system support. Lemongrass helps you relax and may just ease a sunny smile across your face.

Safety: Not for use in pregnancy and lactation.

Urban Moonshine Products Featuring Lemongrass: Organic Joy Tonic

Licorice Root: The same root that flavors and sweetens our confections is a great boon to maintaining good health as well. Licorice is highly prized by herbalists for too many reasons to count. One area where it particularly shines is in promoting optimal respiratory function. Moistening licorice comforts and is powerful, yet gentle. Its influence in maintaining healthy digestive function is similarly comforting, where it provides relief from occasional acid indigestion. When taken regularly as a tonic, it supports our resilience to occasional stress and supports healthy immunity. Any way you look at it, licorice is bound to increase your vitality and invite you to live your daily life rooted in comfort.

Safety: Generally safe for short term use though not recommended for use in pregnancy. It should be avoided in individuals with hypertension, hypokalemia, edema or kidney, liver or cardiovascular disease.

Urban Moonshine Products Featuring Licorice Root: Organic Immune Tonic, Organic Energy Tonic, Clear Chest Syrup, Licorice Root Single Extract

Linden Leaf and Flower: Linden is prized for its sweet, soothing taste and soft, floral fragrance. The flowers and leafy bracts harvested in early summer make for a truly delightful aromatic experience. Simply to smell them is a lovely experience and when enjoyed internally they support a healthy, balanced nervous system. As an extract, linden has been used to promote a relaxed feeling in the face of occasional nervous irritability. We turn to linden as an herbal ally for support in taking the opportunity to restart in the midst of life’s everyday little stressors or for unwinding at the end of a long day. Linden is also traditionally used to promote healthy respiratory function.

Urban Moonshine Products Featuring Linden Leaf & Flower: Organic Joy Tonic, Linden Leaf & Flower Single Extract

Lobelia: Lobelia is an incredibly potent herb and in small doses is used to promote healthy respiratory function. One of this plant’s primary uses has been to help maintain optimal muscle tone. Given that our bronchial pathways are lined with smooth muscle, lobelia can help support the healthy tone and function of these respiratory passages. Breathe easy and find immediate relief with this herb on your side.

Urban Moonshine Products Featuring Lobelia: Clear Chest Syrup

Maca: If you are like most people, you don’t generally equate the word “turnip” with the word “sexy”. Well, maca is here to prove us all wrong on that front. Maca is a type of turnip native to the high altitudes of the South American Andes regarded for its ability to support healthy sexual function and improve performance. Sometimes, in order to get and stay in the mood, we need to build our baseline vitality. This is where maca shines. It is valued by herbalists for its nutritive power and its ability to support resilience in the face of occasional physical and emotional stressors. Maca is the perfect tonic to keep on your bedside table.

Urban Moonshine Products Featuring Maca: Chocolate Love Tonic

Maitake Mushroom, Double-extraction: Often referred to in the United States by its common name “Hen of the Woods”, this forest-dwelling mushroom is much more than just a culinary delight sought by savvy fungal foragers. It can act as a real corner stone for a healthy immune system and is traditionally used to support a balanced immune response. If you consume a healthy diet and your blood glucose levels are in the normal range, maitake could help support continued healthy glucose levels. Used widely in Japan and China for its many health benefits, maitake translates in Japanese to “dancing mushroom”. It is often prepared as a food and in broths. We like using it as an extract, as well, because our thorough double-extraction process ensures the availability of all of its beneficial constituents.

Urban Moonshine Products Featuring Maitake: Organic Immune Tonic, Maitake Single Extract

Milky Oats: Milky oats are, without a doubt, an herbalists’ favorite when it comes to supporting a relaxed nervous system. This herb must be harvested in high summer at just the right moment–the brief window when their immature seedpods fill with the milky, white nectar that gives the plant its magic. The unripe seeds of the common oat (still “milky”, or full of juice, when squeezed) are processed into a rich, vibrant extract that is used to support the nervous system and encourage a healthy, resilient response in the face of occasional stress. Deeply nutritive and nourishing, milky oats have the ability to gently soothe the system during those passing moments of feeling run down in a busy world. Our extract is made from the fresh plant material, and retains the vitality of summer, maximizing the nutritive power of this herb. Take a full teaspoon twice a day in a little water, or mix it with soup, sauces, or a smoothie. If folks are very sensitive to gluten, caution may be advised — but otherwise, this is a very safe and food-like plant.

Urban Moonshine Products Featuring Milky Oat: Milky Oat (fresh seed) Single Extract, Simmer Down Tonic

Motherwort Leaf and Flower: Less aromatic than most of its other more well-known mint family relatives, spiny motherwort is an herb everyone should be acquainted with nonetheless. The plant has been used by generations of herbalists to soothe occasional worries and simple nervous tension. The name motherwort suggests an added affinity for use in women. Its leaf and flower extract can support a normal, healthy attitude during PMS and because it promotes balanced muscle tone as well, motherwort is nice to have on hand for other minor, general discomforts associated with healthy menstruation. Its botanical name, Leonurus cardiaca, translates in Latin to “Lion’s Heart”- how fitting since this herb also supports healthy cardiac function! We’d be remiss not to mention motherwort’s use as a bitter, as well, where it helps maintain gastrointestinal function by encouraging digestive secretions.

Safety: Consult an expert healthcare practitioner before use in pregnancy. Use caution and consult an expert healthcare provider before use in individuals with gallstones or biliary obstructions.

Urban Moonshine Products Featuring Motherwort Leaf & Flower: Organic Joy Tonic, Motherwort Leaf & Flower Single Extract

Mugwort: Mugwort is a wonderful, aromatic herb bolstered by a great deal of traditional lure. The magical influence many herbalists associate with mugwort can be traced to its namesake, the forest-dwelling goddess Artemis (the Latin name of mugwort is Artemesia vulgaris). She is regarded for being a healer and knowing the properties of the plants she lives side-by-side with in the forest. Artemis is also known for the bow and arrow she carries on her back; as a hunter she hones in on what she wants with clarity and purpose, then joyfully gets to work achieving her goal with skill. In a similar sense, mugwort supports us in being present for the tasks at hand in our day to day lives . As an aromatic, it supports a healthy nervous system gently soothing away tension and reducing stress and frustration. When we are at ease in ourselves, we can experience greater joy, deeper presence in our relationships, and greater proficiency in our work.

Safety: Not for use in pregnancy and lactation.

Urban Moonshine Products Featuring Mugwort: Organic Joy Tonic

nettles Nettle: An accidental run in with prickly nettle at the forest’s edge could be a real pain, but a visit with it in our Aller-Blast formula, on the other hand, could be just what you need. This wild weed is power-packed with nutrients which help maintain the integrity of your mucus membranes and keeps them functioning at their best. Fresh nettle most definitely deserves its place at the top of herbalists’ lists when it comes to supporting healthy eyes, nose, lungs, and sinuses.

Urban Moonshine Products Featuring Nettle: Aller-Blast, Nettle Leaf (fresh) Single Extract


Passionflower: Striking in appearance, we can tell just by looking at passionflower that it has something extra special to offer.  It’s quarky The herb is a trusted standby for helping unwind at the end of a long day.  It supports ultimate relaxation, leaving you ready to melt into a healthy night’s sleep.

Urban Moonshine Products Featuring PassionflowerHit the Hay

Red Clover: Being from Vermont, we can’t help but love this rugged but charming wildflower that grows abundantly in our backyards and is given the honor of being our state flower. While it lives side-by-side with other plants sometimes known for producing pesky pollen, red clover itself has been traditionally used to promote healthy sinuses. The plant also boasts a mineral-rich profile, nourishing your body to keep you poised for greeting whatever life sends your way.

Urban Moonshine Products Featuring Red Clover: Aller-Blast

Reishi, Double-extraction: Reishi is unique in its ability to support a balanced immune response, which is part of the reason why it is featured in our Aller-Blast formula. Herbalists rely on this mushroom to evoke a calm response to life’s everyday stressors- be they physical or emotional. It helps support healthy energy levels and makes for an all-around excellent tonic to have on your side, which is why it’s revered as a staple in traditional Chinese health formulas. If you consume a healthy diet and your blood glucose levels are in the normal range, reishi could help support continued healthy glucose levels. This mushroom grow from the stumps of decaying trees throughout temperate regions of the world, which provides us a window into its vitality and its potent place in the life cycle. Reishi feeds on death to bring us a thriving, vital life. Our thorough, multi-step reishi extraction process ensures you receive the whole host of benefits it has to offer your health.

Urban Moonshine Products Featuring Reishi: Aller-Blast, Organic Immune Tonic, Reishi Single Extract

Rhodiola Root: If you look at the rugged alpine conditions and rocky soils that rhodiola thrives in, its easy see how this plant embodies resilience. Its tenacious nature is balanced by the characteristic fragrant, rosy smell of its root. As a nervous system tonic, it supports us in maintaining this balance as well: affirming our inner grace and resilience in the face of occasional stress. Rhodiola is traditionally called on as a calmative during occasional nervous irritability and as a restorative to mental alertness during occasional fatigue. The high altitude root also supports optimal physical performance and is a favorite of endurance athletes. The taste of our rhodiola extract is pleasant, rosy and astringent and makes for an excellent elixir when mixed with sparkling water and a splash of juice.

Urban Moonshine Products Featuring Rhodiola Root: Organic Energy Tonic, Rhodiola Root Single Extract

rose Rose Bud and Flower: Herbalists love the aromatic rose to support the heart, since it offers gentle cardiovascular support but also encourages a balanced emotional response to life’s ups and downs. Slightly astringent, it is also used topically (dilute the extract with water) as a facial toner, and taken after meals to help relieve occasional heartburn. The dose is anywhere from 10 drops of extract under the tongue, where its delightful aroma can slowly be released through the warmth of the mouth, to 1/2 teaspoon in a little water taken twice a day. This is a very safe, aromatic herb.

Urban Moonshine Products Featuring Rose Bud & Flower: Organic Joy Tonic, Chocolate Love Tonic, Rose Bud & Flower Single Extract

sage Sage: This familiar and well-loved culinary herb deserves a place in everyone’s wellness cabinet as well as pantry. Sage has a long traditional use for coating and soothing mucus membranes. As an astringent and aromatic, it helps dry out secretions and tone the tissues it comes in contact with.

Urban Moonshine Products Featuring Sage: Throat Spray


Schisandra: Known in Chinese medicine as the “5-Flavor Berry”, schisandra is quite a wonder to the taste buds. As its name suggests, the taste of this little, red berry encompasses all five flavors: sweet, sour, salty, bitter and pungent. Herbalists point to this unique balance of flavors when appreciating the berry’s ability to promote balance within our bodies- lending a hand where it’s needed in order to support a strong, dynamic foundation of good health. Taken regularly as a tonic, it is wonderful for supporting balanced immune as well as endocrine function. Warming shisandra also packs quite the spark and is a perfect jumpstart in the moment.

Safety: Not for use in pregnant individuals. Use caution and consult an expert healthcare practitioner when taking with anti-coagulant or seizure medications.

Urban Moonshine Products Featuring Schisandra: Organic Immune Tonic, Organic Energy Tonic

Skullcap: Skullcap is a wonderful everyday herb for supporting calmness and ease.  Helpful for maintaining a relaxed nervous system, it’s great in occasional moments of restlessness. Think of it as a soothing “cap” to pull over a busy mind.

Urban Moonshine Products Featuring Skullcap: Simmer Down Tonic

Spilanthes: This little known plant with small, yellow globe flowers has quite a lot in common with the herbal superstar echinacea and packs a powerful punch of its own. Once used, spilanthes will never be forgotten for the notable tingling sensation it leaves in your mouth. This is why we love it in our Throat Spray- it’s refreshing zing lessens other sensations on the tissues it comes in contact with. When used topically like this, the plant also helps moisten tissue. On top of these wonderful benefits, spilanthes supports the healthy function of our lymphatic and immune systems.

Urban Moonshine Products Featuring Spilanthes: Throat Spray

Thyme: This spicy mint-family plant acts throughout the respiratory tract, helping the body maintain its ability to keep lung passages clear. An excellent herbal ally to have on hand for supporting your system’s innate defenses and for encouraging respiratory vitality.

Urban Moonshine Products Featuring Thyme: Clear Chest Syrup

Tulsi: A beloved herb in its native India, aromatic tulsi is a favorite of herbalists far and wide. Traditionally used to support nearly every system in the body, this herb embodies balance and equilibrium. It stands out as an adaptogen because, while virtually every other plant in this class calls for using the root, it is the pleasantly aromatic leaf and flower of tulsi that we call on. This herb supports a healthy stress response while its aromatic properties have the ability to gently uplift the spirit.

Urban Moonshine Products Featuring Tulsi: Simmer Down Tonic

Usnea Lichen: A lichen that’s easy to spot year round when walking in the woods, usnea hangs abundantly from the limbs of dead or dying evergreen trees on every continent except for Antarctica. Often times, herbalists note that the plants that we are most surrounded by have the most to offer when it comes to bolstering our health. Usnea is no exception and is perhaps best known for its traditional use in supporting healthy lungs and optimal immune function. It makes for a dynamic addition to our Throat Spray, maintaining wellness in the throat and health in the body. The spongy lichen is also used to maintain wellness in the urinary tract.

Safety: Use caution and consult with an expert healthcare provider for use in individuals with liver or kidney disease.

Urban Moonshine Products Featuring Usnea: Throat Spray

Yellow Dock Root: Yellow dock earned its name for its brilliant yellow, forking tap root. When dug from wild, open fields in the early fall, the root extract makes for an excellent digestive bitter and has been used to support healthy, regular bowel function. It addition, yellow dock root has a long traditional use in maintaining optimal metabolic function and supporting clear, healthy skin. Enjoy your true radiance with this herbal tonic by your side.

Safety: Use caution in individuals with a history of kidney stones. Use caution and consult an expert healthcare provider before use in individuals with gallstones or biliary obstructions.

Urban Moonshine Products Featuring Yellow Dock Root: Organic Original Bitters, Organic Citrus Bitters, Organic Maple Bitters, Organic Chamomile Bitters, Yellow Dock Root Single Extract