Sleep Well Kit

Counting too many sheep or chasing too many z’s? Then our Sleep Kit will come as a big relief! This kit includes two formulas designed to bring your nervous system the support it needs to rest well. Herbs have long been used to support a calm and nourished nervous system and to soothe away tension at the end of the day.* In fact, it’s an area where herbs really shine which is why we created and paired these two formulas. While Hit the Hay is designed as a fast-acting formula to be taken in the moment on occasional sleepless nights, Simmer Down Tonic is a deeply replenishing formula that tones both the nervous system and the adrenals when taken over time.* If the adrenals are in balance, the body is supported in being able to let go at the end of the day and drift into restful sleep. Together, these formulas are wonderful for helping support healthy sleep patterns.*

Includes 2 oz bottles of Organic Simmer Down Tonic and Hit the Hay