Organic Fresh Milky Oat Top Tincture

  • The unripe seeds of the common oat (still “milky”, or full of juice, when squeezed) are processed into a rich, vibrant extract that is used to support the nervous system and encourage a healthy, resilient response in the face of occasional stress. Our extract is made from the fresh plant material, and retains the vitality of summer, maximizing the nutritive power of this herb. Take a full teaspoon twice a day in a little water, or mix it with soup, sauces, or a smoothie. 

    Avena sativa, 2oz Dropper Bottle
  • Water, Organic Alcohol, Organic Fresh Milky Oat Top Extract
    45-50% Alcohol
    Herb / menstrum: ratio 1:3
  • Take 2 tsp (5ml) 2 times a day.
    If pregnant or nursing, seek medical advice before taking this product.