Hit the Hay Mini Gift - 3 servings

  • Sleep Support 
    A traditional formula used to promote relaxation and help you fall asleep quickly for a full night's rest on the occasional sleepless night.*  Gluten Free.

    1. For occasional sleeplessness*
    2. Encourages sound sleep*
    3. Supports balanced sleep cycles*
    4. Soothes away the tension of the day*
    5. Helps you relax*
    6. Short-term use
  • Water; Organic Alcohol; Kava Root; Organic California Poppy Leaf and Flower; Org. Passionflower Leaf; Org. Hops Flower; Org. Raw Honey.
  • Serving Size: Take 5 ml (1 tsp). Can repeat a second time one hour later if necessary. <em>Not to be used during pregnancy.</em> 40-45% alcohol.
  • 15ml Mini Vial contains 3 servings.