Herbal Breast Massage Oil - Gift

  • Sacred Massage
    Made with Rose, Violet & Poke Root

    Love your breasts! We made this herbal breast massage oil as an offering to your beautiful, sexy, life-nourishing breasts. Use this oil to massage them, get to know them even better, love them and keep them healthy.

    1. Promotes a pleasurable, aromatic self-care ritual
    2. Supports a healthy breast exam routine
    3. Treat yourself to some lymph love!
  • Organic Sunflower Oil, Org. Jojoba Oil, Org. ExtraVirgin Olive Oil; Org. Calendula Flowers; Org. Violet Leaf, Org. Red Clover Leaf and Flower; Fresh Wildcrafted St. John’s Wort Flowering Tops; Org. Poke Root; Org. Roses. Essential Oils of: Org. Rose Geranium and Rose Absolute
  • Massage your breasts and underarm area on a regular basis with 1-2 pumps of oil. Enjoy and appreciate your commitment to sacred self care. Not to be used while nursing.

    Size: 1 fl oz
    Uses: Approximately 75 uses