We are inspired to bring you our line of certified organic Herbal Tonics. Our mission is to restore their use in modern times. Our tonics are formulated with many of the world’s best known restorative and strengthening herbs. These act to support the body’s natural defenses and boost stamina. Today we have much too quickly given up the idea of building wellness and staying healthy. Many old traditional healing systems focused on staying healthy–-building well-being and vitality while supporting healthy aging. These approaches served to keep our forbearers healthy back when urgent care and modern surgery were totally unavailable.

Urban Moonshine’s goal is to reawaken the interest in herbal medicine; let’s refocus our attention on building health! We would like to reacquaint you with some of the world’s most nourishing and health-building herbs to enable your most vibrant state of being! Herbal Tonics help to build wellness over time by toning and strengthening the body. For best results, tonics should be taken on a daily basis over time.