“I just wanted to tell you what a incredible product the Joy Tonic is! It works almost immediately and works for at least a day on just one serving. It is really helping me to get through a tough time and stop using chocolate and alcohol to manage tension. I almost bought valerian but saw your bottle and loved the name of it, the design of the label and what it said: “Mindfully let go of tension and make room for love and gratitude.”  It does bring a wonderful feeling of peace and calmness, which I have been asking for in my life.”

~Tonya M

“I recently purchased a little bottle of your Immune Tonic… since then my daughter and I have been taking 1/2 tsp each mixed with 1/4 C orange juice every day. We haven’t been sick all season, not even a cold, and we hope to stay that way! Thanks for the awesome products!”

~Amy Hoeltge

” …The folks at Mountain Rose suggested I try Urban Moonshine’s Energy Tonic, and that’s how I found you guys. I ordered three of the large bottles and began with 1-2 teaspoons per day. By the time I ran out (my mother was also taking it)….. so I just ordered six more bottles. Folks should know that the adaptogenic herbs work slowly with your system to restore balance after years of dietary abuse. …thanks much to you guys for a great brew!! Five Stars!”

~ Larry Bowers

“Hi. I just wanted to give you a quick testimonial. I use all four of your amazing products, and they make a major difference in my daily energy, mood and health. My husband and I love them all. However, the bitters are a godsend for my digestive health. I have suffered from GI issues my entire life… I tried being gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian, vegan, taking probiotics, avoiding all caffeine, avoiding fructose….but nothing really made a lasting and regular difference until I started taking your bitters. After a few days of regular, daily use, the problem went away. Poof!  Gone!  It’s like magic. And I notice that on the days I forget, I have the same old issues crop up again.

Thank you. You’ve no idea how liberating it is to not constantly be thinking about my gut.”
~Patti F.

“Just wanted to let you know that I used the Joy Tonic last evening and think it should be called Joy & Peace Tonic. …  I took Joy about 9:30 and was in bed by 10, first time in ages!  I slept so peacefully and woke refreshed and feeling wonderful.  This is an unbelievable product!!!!  I am so impressed!!!!!  Just wanted to let you know.  Thank you so much.”

~ Leslie Mayorga of  Leslie Loves Veggies

“I just purchased some of your bitters today and have already experienced a profound shift in my health.  I have suffered from food allergies for years, since the birth of my children, and am just now beginning to see progress in what has been a long road back to health and balance.  In receiving treatment for my food allergies, I have become aware of my body’s inability to digest food.  I’ve been taking enzymes, and while helping, they haven’t quite done the trick.  I tried your products today and after just the first dose felt a very real response to it. 
I cannot thank you enough for making this wonderful product.  What a profound impact is has already had on my life.  I plan to spread the good news to all my friends and family, as well as health care providers.  I have been under the care of many holistic practitioners for years, yet have never even heard of using bitters to aid digestion.  I know you’re really on to something and I can’t wait for the good news to spread!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!”


~Paula Weinberg

“I was going to be volunteering at a middle school retreat over the weekend.  …  I did challenge courses, hiked, and counseled middle schoolers all weekend and felt great!  Immune Zoom is amazing!       Thanks,”

~ Tammy Byers

“Can I just give you a testament to your product real quick? I have SUFFERED from digestive troubles since finding out I needed to go gluten free four years ago. Slowly but surely I ended up eliminated dairy, all animal products, corn, and a host of other foods. It just seemed that for years, no matter what I ate, I would swell up and suffer the likes of what most people experience after a night of heavy drinking... The bitters were the Godsend that I have been seeking for quite some time, and for that, I must thank you.

Please, keep up the great work, and, don’t change a thing! The stuff works and works PERFECTLY. :)”

~ Julian B. Wilson III

“Hey! The bitters are awesome! We absolutely love them. Thanks for doing what you do!”
~ Samantha

“I am totally serious when I said that I couldn’t imagine my life without Urban Moonshine’s Immunity!  I take it everyday– sometimes 2x a day, and I am living proof that this stuff works!  I work in childcare, and am pretty much around sick kids everyday (at least one of them is snotty or has a cough, or has a parent or sibling that is sick)… I give the most sincere thanks and appreciation for all your hard work at Urban Moonshine.  This is by far the best stuff around…. (over the years I’ve tried all sorts things), and I can’t wait to try more of your products!  Thanks for making such quality stuff and your commitment to keeping your community healthy!   Love and Thanks,

~ Ellen Kraft“Why do I love Urban Moonshine?
Urban Moonshine’s products are impressively effective, but what I most love about them is how much fun they are to take: from the yummy and complex tastes to the rockin’ bottles and label design, to knowing what cool, genuine people make them.  I have to make myself take vitamins and other supplements, but I look forward to enjoying my daily dose of Urban Moonshine.”

~ Kristen Eaton of Vaguely Bohemian

“We love your bitters!  A nice drink before bed or anytime.  We add a couple of shakes of Original Bitters into mineral water for a cool and refreshing drink.  Love the bite!”  

        ~ Moriah Goldman

“I am a big fan of bitters too. The proof is in the results. There is nothing that works better for digesting a meal, especially one that was maybe too large or too rich in fats, salts or sugars. Urban Moonshine bitters are not like any other bitters I’ve tried. In fact, I am aware now of how lacking that other taste has been in my diet. I never thought I’d enjoy something bitter, but the taste itself makes me feel healthier.”

~ Lori Keene 

“Top quality Vermont product! It’s what makes Vermont famous the world over. Really helps with digestion, calmness. (I poured our old Angostura on the compost pile.)”

~ Robert Wagner 

“I have to say that using the UM bitters has brought me to a new and happy level of digestive health. Thank you Jovial!”

~ Lisa Patrick