Urban Moonshine Frequently Asked Questions

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FAQs about Organic Digestive Bitters & Herbal Tonics:

Q. Are your products safe?

A.  We strive to make products that are safe & effective. We steer clear of herbs that are widely contraindicated so that most folks can safely use our products. Be sure to stay within the recommended serving size. If you have any specific medical concerns, please consult with a holistic practitioner or your doctor before starting a new supplement regime! Also, please note our guidelines for pregnancy/lactation below and also note that our products contain alcohol (see below). We are not licensed practitioners, and cannot recommend or prescribe any of our products for medical uses.

Q. Why is there alcohol in your products? Do you make any alcohol-free products?

A. We feel that alcohol is the best way to extract and preserve the chemical constituents of the herbs we love. We use organic, gluten-free cane alcohol. This is a traditional method of making tinctures, and it gives our products the best taste and longest shelf life possible. There is a very low amount of alcohol in each serving, when you consider the dose of the product and the percentage alcohol (1/4 tsp of the bitters at 30-35% alcohol is about 1/12 tsp alcohol–just a few drops!). Think of it like mouthwash or cough medicine–not an alcoholic beverage!   Update: December 2016 marks the debut of our first product made without alcohol, for those who would love to make bitters part of their routine and need or want to avoid any alcohol, our Cider Vinegar Bitters!

Q. When does my product expire?

A. Our products are good for 3-5 years after blending, depending on storage conditions (ideal storage is in a cool, dark place).  To determine the blend date: look for the Lot Number on your bottle; it is in the format of numerical digits, then a letter, then 4 more digits. The last 4 digits of this string are the month and year (MMYY) that the product was BLENDED. For example, for Lot 143CY0615, the lot # is 143CY and the blend date is 0615, or June 2015, thus the expiration date is between June 2018-2020. If your product does not have this format, then it was bottled before we updated our system and there is an expiration date printed on the label.

Q. Is there gluten in your products?

A.  No! Urban Moonshine Bitters and Tonics are made with 100% Certified Organic Cane Alcohol, which is naturally a gluten-free alternative to commonly used grain alcohol.  We use it for its quality, taste, and extraction excellence!  We’re delighted to use no Genetically Modified Organisms in our products–no GMOs!

Q. Do bitters really work as a digestive aid?

A. Yes! Bitters stimulate our body’s innate digestive response and optimize digestive function. They trigger the digestive system to produce the body’s endogenous digestive enzymes, secrete bile, and balance HCl levels in the stomach. To prime digestion use our bitters 10-15 minutes before you eat! For best results, take straight or spray in your mouth with our mouth spray–you need to taste the bitter flavor to get full effect! Bitters can also be used for acute needs like upset stomach, indigestion, or occasional heartburn–take them after a meal or whenever you need them! Read more about digestive bitters on our ‘About Bitters‘ & ‘In the Press‘ Pages.

Q. What are Tonics and how do they work?

A. Tonics are a class of herbs that tone the system over time. Tonics are an age-old category of herbs that are used to strengthen the body as a form of preventative medicine. Learn more and read about our specific herbal tonic formulas on our ‘About Tonics‘ page.

Q. Can I use the digestive bitters while pregnant and/or breastfeeding?

A. Our chamomile bitters are suitable for occasional nausea and heartburn during pregnancy. Our original, citrus, maple, cider vinegar and healthy liver bitters are not safe for pregnancy; the gentian and angelica in them are herbs that are not recommended during pregnancy.

All flavors of our digestive bitters can be used with caution while nursing; please stay within the recommended dosage and consult your healthcare practitioner.

Q. Can I use the herbal tonics while pregnant and/or breastfeeding?

A. Immune Tonic, Energy Tonic, Joy Tonic, Simmer Down Tonic and Chocolate Love Tonic are all not for use during pregnancy. Pregnant women need to consult their healthcare provider about using Immune Zoom during pregnancy.

All of our herbal tonics can be used with caution during lactation; please stay within the recommended dosage and consult your healthcare practitioner.

Q. Are Urban Moonshine products safe for children?

A. Yes! All of our products are safe for children over 2 years old, as long as the dose is sized-down according to their weight. The recommended serving sizes on the bottles are for 150lb. adults, so just divide by your child’s weight to find the correct ratio and then apply that same ratio to the serving size.

Q. What is the difference between the 4 flavors of digestive bitters?

A. Original, Citrus, & Maple flavors all have the same basic ingredients with slightly different flavoring; the original is the most bitter, the citrus has some nice citrusy notes and the maple has a touch of organic maple syrup. The Chamomile Bitters are a little different; they are our only bitters formula that contains chamomile, and they are free of citrus, fennel, & essential oils, so that they can be enjoyed occasionally during pregnancy and by more folks with sensitivities! Cider Vinegar Bitters are made without alcohol and are a great-tasting and effective bitters blend for those who prefer to avoid alcohol. And Healthy Liver Bitters are a rich and herbaceous bitters blend specifically formulated to support liver health.*

Q. Do I need to refrigerate my bottle?

A. Our products do not need to be refrigerated; please store them in a cool, dark place.

Q. What is the difference between the 3 sizes of the products?

A. They are all the same formula–just in different sizes for your convenience! The 8.4oz large apothecary bottle is the longest-lasting and can be used to refill your smaller bottles! Our mouth spray bottle is recommended as a travel size to keep in your bag on the go.

Q. Should I take Urban Moonshine products if I am using other supplements or medication?

A. Please seek the advice of your holistic practitioner for indications with other medications. We are not licensed practitioners and cannot recommend or prescribe for any medical conditions. If you need help finding an herbalist or naturopath in your area, check out this awesome resource: find an AHG registered practitioner

Q. What is the difference between bitters and digestive enzymes?

A. Bitters stimulate your body’s own endogenous production of digestive enzymes. The bitter flavor signals your body to produce and release the enzymes you need to help digest and assimilate food. Namely, bitters stimulate the pancreas, gallbladder, and liver to release the gastric juices and enzymes that are so necessary for digestive well-being.

Our bitters are great because they don’t supply you with the enzymes from an outside source, rather, they challenge your body to do its job and produce its own enzymes–allowing your body to function the way it should! We are targeting the root of the problem and stimulating your own digestive system to work properly. Bitters have a multitude of other benefits. They not only help your body product its OWN enzymes, they balanced acid levels in the stomach, cause the liver to secrete bile, and tone your digestive organs (such as the liver), and much more.

Digestive enzymes as a supplement just provide an outside source of enzymes to your body, while bitters cause your body to produce enzymes on its own.

Q. Where can I learn more about Urban Moonshine Bitters & Tonics?

A. We have so much educational material to offer! Follow the links to our ‘About Bitters‘, ‘About Tonics‘, ‘In the Press‘, ‘Herbal Resources‘, and ‘Videos‘ pages!

Q. I have my bottle; now how do I use it?

A. Follow the directions on the bottle or please visit our ‘About Bitters‘ or ‘About Tonics‘ pages for more specific product uses & directions.


FAQs about Urban Moonshine Shipping Policies:

Q. How much does shipping cost?

A. That depends on the weight of your package, where you live, and which shipping method you choose. Use the shipping estimator in the cart for a quote.

Q. Do you offer free shipping?

A. Yes! We offer free shipping on orders over $65. Orders with free shipping typically take between 7 to 10 business days to arrive.

Q. Do you ship internationally?

A. At this point in time we are only shipping to USA and Canada. However, there are several great online retailers that carry our products and also specialize in cost-effective international shipments, like vitacost.com and amazon.com.

Q. How long will it take for my package to arrive?

A. This depends on where you live and which shipping method you choose. We offer USPS and UPS as shipping options; you can go to their websites to estimate shipping costs/times. Our fulfillment center is located in Boise, Idaho, for your reference. Our Free Shipping method can take up to 10 business days to arrive.

Q. How long will it take for my package to ship from Urban Moonshine?

A. We ship 5 days a week from Boise, ID: M-F from 10am-5pm CT. We do not ship on Saturday or Sunday. If you place your order late in the day, it will not ship until the following day. If you place your order late in the day on Friday, it will not ship until Monday. We are a small company; please take this into account when placing your order and choosing your shipping method.

Q. Can I add an item to my order after it has been placed?

A. We cannot guarantee add-ons, as our orders are fulfilled by a third party shipping center. However, we are happy to try to accommodate add-ons if we receive the request before your order has shipped; PLEASE CALL US at (802) 428-4707 to do this over the phone for the fastest service or email customerservice@urbanmoonshine.com. Leave a message if it is after hours, so we can try to pull your order before it ships!

Q. How do I cancel my order?

A. PLEASE CALL CUSTOMER SERVICE at (802) 428-4707 x 0 immediately to do this over the phone, so we can try to catch your order before it ships. Leave a message if it is after hours! We cannot guarantee that your order can be cancelled before it ships. If your order has already shipped, then you must follow the returns protocol below.

Q. My package arrived damaged; what do I do?

A. Please email customerservice@urbanmoonshine.com with your order # and a photo of the damaged box, and we will happily assist you with this matter.

Q. Why are some shipping methods not showing up as available to me on your website?

A.  USPS will not deliver to some residential addresses. Make sure you enter a PO box if this is the case. If you think you are getting this message in error, please contact us directly and we will assist you.

Q. What shipping methods are available for web orders?

A. We offer USPS and UPS as shipping options. All of their shipping guidelines apply to our shipments. Please follow the links to USPS and UPS‘s pages for specific guidelines on shipping times, delivery standards, and more before selecting your shipping method at checkout. Please note that USPS Priority Mail does NOT require a signature for delivery, thus they may leave your package on your doorstep. Urban Moonshine is NOT responsible for packages stolen from a residence (neither is the Postal Service). Please choose UPS shipping if this is of concern to you. Urban Moonshine is not responsible for issues with shipping carriers.


Other FAQs:

Q. What is your policy on returns?

A. If you are ever dissatisfied with an Urban Moonshine product that you purchased from our website (www.urbanmoonshine.com), please email customerservice@urbanmoonshine.com with a description of the problem, the name, size, and lot # of the item(s), your name, and your order #.   We may ask for additional details, like a photo or you may return it to us for replacement or a refund. We cannot accept returns for product that has been opened, used, or with the tamper evident seal removed.  If you purchased it from a retail store please return it to the store with receipt. Our return address is:

Urban Moonshine – attn: Returns

260 Battery Street

Burlington, VT 05401

Q. Where can I purchase Urban Moonshine products?

A. You can buy them right here on our website or use our store locator to find a local retailer near you! Be sure to call the store first to make sure they carry the exact product you are looking for.

Q. Who do I contact about employment opportunities?

A. Please send a resume and letter of interest to jobs@urbanmoonshine.com if you would like to inquire about open positions; we are always looking for stellar people to add to our team. If we don’t have any positions available when you apply, we are always happy to look at your resume and keep it on file!

Q. How do I open a wholesale account?

A. Please e-mail wholesale inquiries to wholesale@urbanmoonshine.com, or urbanmoonshine.com/wholesale to apply for an account. We look forward to working with you!

Q. Can I send my empty bottle back to be reused?

A.  Unfortunately, we are unable to reuse empty bottles at this time. We love the idea and are striving to create a working system for this in the future!

Q. I got an error message while trying to order on your website; what went wrong?

A. The most common error on our web store is that something in the credit card information was entered wrong. Please double check the following things: 1) the BILLING ADDRESS (especially the zip code) you entered matches the information your credit card company has on file, 2) You entered all of the credit card info (#, expiration date, security code) correctly. If you are still getting an error after verifying this information, please contact us directly so we can assist you!

Q. How can I stay in the loop with Urban Moonshine updates, events, and news?

A.  Sign up for our newsletter, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! We post all the most important and up-to-date news on our social media sites!


 Don’t see the answer to your question here? Contact us at customerservice@urbanmoonshine.com or call (802) 428-4707 x0 between 9-5 EST, Monday-Friday (or leave a message after hours)!