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Urban Moonsine Herbal Tonics--Schisandra Berry

We are inspired to bring you our line of certified organic Herbal Tonics. Our mission is to restore their use in modern times. Our tonics are formulated with many of the world’s best known restorative and strengthening herbs. These act to support the body’s natural defenses and boost stamina.

When most people hear the word tonic, they think of old school medicine peddlers, strange looking bottles stored away in great-great-grandma’s cupboard or history museums displaying relics of the past. But do not let these dusty connotations discount the value of the tonics principle! Today we have much too quickly given up the idea of building wellness and staying healthy. Many old traditional healing systems focus on building well-being and vitality while supporting healthy aging. These approaches served to keep our forbearers healthy back when urgent care and modern surgery were totally unavailable.

Urban Moonshine Everyday Apothecary of Herbal Tonics and Herbal Medicinals for health and wellness all natural

Urban Moonshine’s goal is to reawaken the interest in herbal medicine; let’s refocus our attention on building health! We would  like to reacquaint you with some of the world’s most nourishing and health building herbs to enable your most vibrant state of being! Herbal Tonics help to build wellness over time by toning and strengthening the body.

For best results, tonics should be taken on a daily basis over time.


Urban Moonsine Herbal Tonics. Herbal Apothecary for the Modern World

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Certified Organic Immune Tonic:

Urban Moonshine’s Immune Tonic combines immune-toning herbs and medicinal mushrooms. The tonic can be used to restore your immune system to a healthy state of balance.

Immune Tonic: herbal medicine for optimal immune function, build immunity daily, support natural defenses, take over time. Herbal wellness for the school teacher, world traveler, public transit lover, health nut. astragalus, red reishi, maitake, codonopsis, eleuthero, schisandra, licorice, ginger, tinctures, herbs, wellness, herbal medicine

Read about Immune Tonic: Healthy Immunity with Herbal Medicine: Immunomodulatorsby Guido Masé RH (AHG) – Chief Herbalist at Urban Moonshine


Certified Organic Joy Tonic:

Our Certified Organic Joy Tonic is a carefully formulated blend of aromatic herbs and flowers that help to support you through life’s transitions with grace and ease. Our Joy Tonic supports a healthy level of tension in our nervous systems, internal organs, and blood vessels.

Urban Moonshine Joy Tonic: Promotes Joy, Uplifts the spirit, reduces stress, relieves occasional sleeplessness. For the stressed, the pessimist, the insomniac, the yogi, the meditator, the artist, the overwhelmed. motherwort, linden, rose, lemon balm, lemongrass, mugwort, tinctures herbs and wellness. relieves stress and anxiety

Read about Joy Tonic: Aromatic Herbs: Uplift the Spirit and Gladden the Heartby Guido Masé RH (AHG) – Chief Herbalist at Urban Moonshine

Certified Organic Energy Tonic:

Urban Moonshine’s Certified Organic Energy Tonic combines some of the most widely used adaptogenic herbs to protect your body from the depleting effects of stress.

Urban Moonshine Organic Energy Tonic. Herbal Medicine for Boost Energy Levels, Push Back Fatigue, Restore Mental Alertness, Athlete Approved! For the overachiever, the entrepreneur, the athlete, the student, parents of twins. Herbal Energy, Alternative Energy, Natural Energy. rhodiola, eleuthero, ginseng, hawthorn, schisandra, licorice, cinnamon, ginger.

Read about Energy Tonic: Why Adaptogens? Energy Tonic Botanical Medicine Literature Review by Guido Masé RH (AHG) – Chief Herbalist at Urban Moonshine

Chocolate Love Tonic:

Our Chocolate Love Tonic combines the aphrodisiac powers of raw chocolate and honey with a variety of organic herbs and spices to kindle the flame of passion. By supporting circulation and soothing the nervous system, our Chocolate Love Tonic naturally arouses healthy libido, creating just the right conditions for romance.

Urban Moonshine Chocolate Love Tonic: supports circulation, herbal aphrodisiac, natural, arouses sexual desire, promotes relaxation, gladdens the heart. Damiana, rose, hawthorn, cacao, maca, honey, eleuthero, schisandra, ginger, vanilla, rose water.

Read about Chocolate Love Tonic: Unlock your lover’s heart with Chocolate!, by Guido Masé RH (AHG) – Chief Herbalist at Urban Moonshine

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What is Tonic Herbalism? Article, by Rachael Keener.

FAQ about Urban Moonshine Herbal Tonics:

Q. Are your products safe?

A.  We strive to make products that are safe & effective. We steer clear of herbs that are widely contraindicated so that most folks can safely use our products. Be sure to stay within the recommended serving size. If you have any specific medical concerns, please consult with a holistic practitioner or your doctor before starting a new supplement regime! Also, please note our guidelines for pregnancy/lactation below and also note that our products contain alcohol (see below). We are not licensed practitioners, and cannot recommend or prescribe any of our products for medical uses.

Q. Why is there alcohol in your products? Do you make any alcohol-free products?

A. We feel that alcohol is the best way to extract and preserve the chemical constituents of the herbs we love. We use organic, gluten-free cane alcohol. This is a traditional method of making tinctures, and it gives our products the best taste and longest shelf life possible. We do not make any alcohol-free products at this time. There is a very low amount of alcohol in each serving, when you consider the dose of the product and the percentage alcohol (1/4 tsp of the bitters at 30-35% alcohol is about 1/12 tsp alcohol–just a few drops!). Think of it like mouthwash or cough medicine–not an alcoholic beverage!

Q. Is there gluten in your products?

A.  No! Urban Moonshine Bitters and Tonics are made with 100% Certified Organic Cane Alcohol, which is naturally a gluten-free alternative to commonly used grain alcohol.  We use it for its quality, taste, and extraction excellence!  We’re delighted to use no Genetically Modified Organisms in our products–no GMOs!

Q. What are Tonics and how do they work?

A. Tonics are a class of herbs that tone the system over time. Tonics are an age-old category of herbs that are used to strengthen the body as a form of preventative medicine.

Q. Can I use the herbal tonics while pregnant and/or breastfeeding?

A. Immune Tonic, Energy Tonic, Joy Tonic, and Chocolate Love Tonic are all not for use during pregnancy. Pregnant women need to consult their healthcare provider about using Immune Zoom during pregnancy.

All of our herbal tonics can be used with caution during lactation; please stay within the recommended dosage and consult your healthcare practitioner.

Q. Are Urban Moonshine products safe for children?

A. Yes! All of our products are safe for children over 2 years old, as long as the dose is sized-down according to their weight. The recommended serving sizes on the bottles are for 150lb. adults, so just divide by your child’s weight to find the correct ratio and then apply that same ratio to the serving size.

Q. What is the shelf life of the herbal tonics? Do I need to refrigerate my bottle?

A. Our products are good for 3-5 years after blending, depending on storage conditions (ideal storage is in a cool, dark place).  To determine the blend date: look for the Lot Number on your bottle; it is in the format of numerical digits, then a letter, then 4 more digits. The last 4 digits of this string are the month and year (MMYY) that the product was BLENDED. For example, for Lot 143C0615, the lot # is 143C and the blend date is 0615, or June 2015, thus the expiration date is between June 2018-2020. If your product was bottled before 5/27/15, when we updated our system, then there is an expiration date printed on the label. Our products do not need to be refrigerated; please store them in a cool, dark place.

Q. What is the difference between the 4 sizes of the products?

A. They are all the same formula–just in different sizes for your convenience! The 8.4oz large apothecary bottle is the longest-lasting and can be used to refill your smaller bottles! Our mouth spray bottle is recommended as a travel size to keep in your bag on the go.

Q. Should I take Urban Moonshine products if I am using other supplements or medication?

A. Please seek the advice of your holistic practitioner for indications with other medications. We are not licensed practitioners and cannot recommend or prescribe for any medical conditions. If you need help finding an herbalist or naturopath in your area, check out this awesome resource: find an AHG registered practitioner

More Questions? Visit our FAQ Page!

Want to Learn More about Herbal Tonics? 

Check out The Wild Medicine Solution: Healing with Aromatic, Bitter, and Tonic Plants, Book by Guido Masé

Purchase The Wild Medicine Solution by Guido Mase on Urban Moonshine's Website

“Blending traditional herbal medicine with history, mythology, clinical practice, and recent findings in physiology and biochemistry, herbalist Guido Masé explores the three classes of plants necessary for the healthy functioning of our bodies and minds—aromatics, bitters, and tonics. He explains how bitter plants ignite digestion, balance blood sugar, buffer toxicity, and improve metabolism; how tonic plants normalize the functions of our cells and nourish the immune system; and how aromatic plants relax tense organs, nerves, and muscles and stimulate sluggish systems, whether physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual. He reveals how wild plants regulate our heart variability rate and adjust the way DNA is read by our cells, controlling the self-destructive tendencies that lead to chronic inflammation or cancer.

Offering examples of ancient and modern uses of wild plants in each of the 3 classes—from aromatic peppermint to bitter dandelion to tonic chocolate—Masé provides easy recipes to integrate them into meals as seasonings and as central ingredients in soups, stocks, salads, and grain dishes as well as including formulas for teas, spirits, and tinctures. Providing a framework for safe and effective use as well as new insights to enrich the practice of advanced herbalists, he shows how healing “wild plant deficiency syndrome”—that is, adding wild plants back into our diets—is vital not only to our health but also to our spiritual development.”

Guido Masé is the clinical herbalist on staff at Urban Moonshine, as well as herbal educator, and garden steward. The cofounder and codirector of the Vermont Center for Integrative Herbalism, he is a professional member of the American Herbalists Guild, the American Botanical Council, and United Plant Savers. He lives in South Burlington, Vermont. 


*The statements on this page have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.