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More Please!

For those that always say yes to more. We say enjoy all the yummy treats, but first bitters! This bundle will get your apothecary stocked with our best-selling Original Digestive Bitters. A spray bottle for when you’re on the go, a dropper for your kitchen counter, and a bulk size so you can refill and share with friends and family.

Customer Reviews

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I went to the doctor for years for indigestion and constant feeling of hunger. I’ve never gotten relief from anything the multiple drs I saw gave me. Then this one doctor gave me a sample of the original digestive bitters. It’s the best! Worked immediately I tell all my friends and family that suffer from indigestion, gas or bloating .Finally I have relief!

Jean G.
Relief in just a few days!

This really is the answer to my digestion problems. I have tried other things but this has the best result and it is so convenient to use.

Emily S.
Effective and reliable!

I love this stuff. I've been using it for so long that I finally bought the big pack. Very happy I did.

This Works!

So happy I tried this product! I have had digestive issues most of my life and have tried many different products. This one works! It doesn't taste good, but I'm not taking it for the taste - I'm taking it to help with digestion, stomach pains and bloating. My daughter tried this the other day and wants me to order some for her as well! I will definitely be purchasing your digestive bitters again!

Brenda S.
Terrible taste!

Wish I could use this but it is terrible !

Hi Brenda, we're sorry to hear that you haven't enjoyed your purchase of our Digestive Bitters. The key to unlocking the wisdom of bitters is tasting the bitter flavor, which may be a bit strong for some at first. If the flavor is too harsh, we recommend mixing a dose in a normal-sized cup with an inch or so of water in it. After time, you may find that you've become accustomed to the bitter flavor and will be able to take it directly on the tongue.