Bitters Sampler

A Little Bit Of This. A Little Bit Of That

The best way to enjoy our Urban Moonshine Digestive Bitters! These refillable spray bottles are great for your purse, countertop, or car. Enjoy sampling all our different formulas and never be without your bitters when you are on the go.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
God send!!

I LOVE these bitters. I once would get bloated from certain foods that I loved to eat and would cringe when I wanted them. Now I can enjoy meals knowing I won’t be uncomfortable afterwards nor look like I am 6 months pregnant.

Great bitter but...

I didn't know they are alcohol based. I can't have alcohol in any form. I can't use them. I have to give them away 😒
I was told after I bought the bitters they are also made with cider vinegar base. I would have ordered those instead.

Love it

I love these bitters. Can tell a difference in my guts when I use them. IMO best in a glass of sparkling water.

Convenient for Travel

I enjoy the size and security of the bottle to just drop in my purse. I'm even planning on taking them when I travel again after Covid, ha! The bottle is much more portable and durable than the larger dropper size, and the spray is a good option for taking the bitters in public (less conspicuous than the dropper).
Another thing I liked about the variety pack was that I got to try a couple of bitters formulas that I had not purchased in full=size bottles yet.


Great starter set. The bitters give me *immediate* digestive relief. The Calm Tummy bitters actually *do* calm my tummy. Also, I like being able to spray rather than use the dropper. Will refill as they run out. Very happy to have found these.