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Bitters: An Alternative to Strict Food Elimination

by Rachael Keener August 11, 2015

Bitters: An Alternative to Strict Food Elimination

A healthy digestive tract is key to supporting system-wide health in your body, and when people eliminate certain foods from their diet, it is often...

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Body Intelligence

by Rachael Keener August 05, 2015 2 Comments

Bitters and Body Intelligence

The human body is rather ingenious in how it functions. Quite miraculous, in fact, are all of the given ways which our body hums, ticks, and morphs along...

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The Road to Joy is Lined with Aromatic Plants

by Rachael Keener July 24, 2015

The Road to Joy is Lined with Aromatic Plants

Why is it that the wafting smell of a home cooked meal, a bouquet of showy, aromatic flowers, or the sweet smell of a blossoming linden tree on a balmy day...

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An Herbalist’s Approach to a Healthy Summer

by Rachael Keener July 12, 2015

An Herbalist's Approach to a Healthy Summer

Summer is a time of bounty, joy and spontaneity. The world around us flowers and ripens, beckoning us to follow suit and urging us not to miss out...

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Just a few of our daily habits…

by Vicki Kuskowski July 08, 2015

Daily Healthy Habits

Tonic herbalism is a way of life here at Urban Moonshine. There is a constant abundance of tea brewing, bitters being taken...

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Building Resilience in a Wild World

by Rachael Keener July 05, 2015

If we live in a world where the only constant is change, then adaptability is one of the single most central qualities to...

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