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Science Update: Bitters—A Taste for Immunity

by Guido Masé March 13, 2016

Science Update--Bitters A Taste for Immunity

I think we would all agree that bitters are, first and foremost, classic digestive remedies. The herbs and recipes...modulate the transit time of the food we eat...


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Spring Is Coming! How Aller-Blast and Bitter Can Help…

by Rachael Keener March 04, 2016

Urban Moonshine Aller-Blast for Spring

Wondering why we’ve included bitter artichoke in our Aller-Blast formula?  Sure, at Urban Moonshine we may be easily excitable when it comes to bitters...

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Herbal Aphrodisiac Truffles

by Rachael Keener February 09, 2016

Herbal Aphrodisiac Truffles

The best aphrodisiacs stimulate the senses, soften the heart, increase circulation and inspire passion. These herbally infused truffles stop nowhere short...

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Science Update: Plant miRNA

by Guido Masé February 04, 2016

Science Update--Plant MIRNA

Information storage and transfer are critical components of our modern connected world, but are just as essential to the natural world, too...

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Feeding Your Inner Light in the Dark Days of Winter

by Rachael Keener January 29, 2016

Joy Tonic for The Dark DaysWinter is a time of slowing down and turning inward. Rivers slow to a crawl before halting all together and freezing over. The sunlight wanes...

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Turn Your Produce Department into Your Winter Medicine Cabinet

by Urban Moonshine January 25, 2016

Turn Your Produce Department Into Your Winter Medicine Cabinet

We have a long, cold winter here in Vermont. While beautiful and inspiring (who doesn't love a winter wonderland?), it definitely takes some patience...

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What’s New With Energy Tonic?

by Rachael Keener January 06, 2016 4 Comments

Whats New With Urban Moonshine Energy Tonic

Due to the threatened ecological status of organic American Ginseng as well as the increased difficulty of finding the herb from reliable, ethical sources...

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Joyful DIY Herbal Gifts

by Rachael Keener December 09, 2015

Joyful Herbal DIY Gifts

We've created some DIY herbal gifts that can accompany our Organic Joy Tonic to make the perfect gift this holiday season—think relaxation, inspiration and renewal.

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Bitters vs. Digestive Enzymes

by Rachael Keener November 21, 2015 26 Comments

Bitters Vs Digestive Enzymes

Our digestive systems often need a little extra support. Sometimes it’s an aching belly that signals to us that our digestive systems could use a little help.

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How Bitters Help Nourish You (And Why You Want them Around During the Season of Indulgence)

by Rachael Keener November 06, 2015

How Bitters Help Nourish You

If you’re motivated to eat well because you want to feel your best, then certainly you want to ensure your body is able to absorb all...

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Raw Honey: An Urban Moonshine Favorite

by Rachael Keener October 30, 2015 2 Comments

Raw Honey An Urban Moonshine Favorite

Nectar of the gods. Elixir of life. Food of the gods. Medicine of the people. Etc, etc. Honey has been given all of these names and the sweet, golden liquid...

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Sage, Spilanthes & Usnea for Your Throat

by Rachael Keener October 23, 2015

Throat Spray

Every now and then all of us could use some support for our throat health. Urban Moonshine’s Throat Spray is blended to be powerful, yet gentle and soothing...

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