How Bitters Help Nourish You (And Why You Want them Around During the Season of Indulgence)

by Rachael Keener November 06, 2015

How Bitters Help Nourish You

If you’re motivated to eat well because you want to feel your best, then certainly you want to ensure your body is able to absorb all...

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Raw Honey: An Urban Moonshine Favorite

by Rachael Keener October 30, 2015 2 Comments

Raw Honey An Urban Moonshine Favorite

Nectar of the gods. Elixir of life. Food of the gods. Medicine of the people. Etc, etc. Honey has been given all of these names and the sweet, golden liquid...

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Sage, Spilanthes & Usnea for Your Throat

by Rachael Keener October 23, 2015

Sage, Spilanthes and Usnea for Your Throat

Every now and then all of us could use some support for our throat health. Urban Moonshine’s Throat Spray is blended to be powerful, yet gentle and soothing...

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Support Your Lungs

by Guido Masé October 15, 2015

Support Your Lungs With Clear Chest

Supporting normal, healthy lung function is an important daily consideration. Our bronchial tree is working every minute of every day...

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Immune Zoom!

by Rachael Keener September 17, 2015

Immune Zoom

As the seasons change from sunny summer fun to colder, cozier days, I’m sure to stock plenty of immune supporting herbs in my herbal pantry...

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Immune Tonic—A Boost For Fall

by Rachael Keener September 08, 2015

Immune Tonic for Fall

Health tonics are making a revival right now, and for good reason. A majority of herbal formulas geared toward immunity are designed to support you after your health has taken a dive.

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A Little Bit About Aller-Blast…

by Rachael Keener August 27, 2015 2 Comments

Aller-Blast and Nettles

It’s pollen season. And if that doesn’t sound like good news to you, well, don’t get too disheartened yet. As experienced herbalists are happy to tell you...

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Bringing Aromatics to the Dessert Table

by Rachael Keener August 26, 2015

Aromatic Desserts -- Candied Rose Petals

As a lover of plants, a lover of art, and a total foodie (with a sometimes unfortunate sweet tooth!), making candied rose petals tops my “to make” list in the summer...

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A Nuanced Modern Love Potion

by Rachael Keener August 17, 2015

Chocolate Love Tonic--A Modern Love Potion

Love potions and aphrodisiac elixirs can be found in nearly every culture throughout time. It makes sense that records of these sexually stimulating formulas...

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Bitters: An Alternative to Strict Food Elimination

by Rachael Keener August 11, 2015

Bitters: An Alternative to Strict Food Elimination

A healthy digestive tract is key to supporting system-wide health in your body, and when people eliminate certain foods from their diet, it is often...

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Body Intelligence

by Rachael Keener August 05, 2015 2 Comments

Bitters and Body Intelligence

The human body is rather ingenious in how it functions. Quite miraculous, in fact, are all of the given ways which our body hums, ticks, and morphs along...

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The Road to Joy is Lined with Aromatic Plants

by Rachael Keener July 24, 2015

The Road to Joy is Lined with Aromatic Plants

Why is it that the wafting smell of a home cooked meal, a bouquet of showy, aromatic flowers, or the sweet smell of a blossoming linden tree on a balmy day...

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