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Herbal Holiday Drinks

by Aisling Badger December 19, 2022

Perhaps because it is the darkest time of year, or maybe because the Northlands become so cold, we find a richness of traditions, rituals, and legends from this season to keep our hearts bright and warm.

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Solstice Sun Cookies & Citrus Rhubarb Spritzers

by Aisling Badger June 16, 2022

The longest day of the year and the first official day of summer feels like a reason to celebrate. The added touch of an edible flower to a drink or a cookie, and an herbal twist to any recipe makes something ordinary become instantly special. 

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Joy is Citrus Cake & Adaptogen Lattes

by Aisling Badger February 08, 2022

tea party excerpt

Here in the Northeast, we have settled into a cold winter. The freezing temps and whipping wind have us hunkered down near the woodstove, finding little reason to leave home.

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Elements of Enchantment

by Guido Masé December 30, 2021

Val di funes

I grew up in a town that reached its heyday over 500 years ago. Modern life has threaded its way through the city: old cobblestones are paved over, lights and plumbing and internet are everywhere. But the bones--the buildings, the city walls--all remain. 

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Herbal Spiced Mulled Wine

by Aisling Badger December 15, 2021

Herbal Mulled Wine Excerpt

’Tis the season for all things cozy. The holidays offer an excuse to indulge a little, as we should during these dark days of winter. Treating yourself is one of the many pleasures of life that make it sweet and joyful. 

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An Herbalist's Holiday Gift Guide

by Aisling December 06, 2021

Gift Guide Excerpt

Create herbal care packages with inspiration and pairings to our organic herbal tinctures for a theme that feels personalized to your loved ones.

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DIY Cider Vinegar Bitter Tonic

by Urban Moonshine October 21, 2021

cider vinegar excerpt

Make your own alcohol-free digestive bitters

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Adrenal Balance

by Guido Masé September 07, 2021

Adrenal Balance

Our two adrenal glands are located on top of each kidney. From this perch, they not only have access to a rich blood supply, but are also close to the site of fluid and mineral balance in the body. 

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Science Update: Moonlight

by Guido Masé August 20, 2021

Moonlight excerpt

Life on earth would be quite different without our natural satellite. Most would agree that the daily rising and falling of the moon...

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Herbal Energy Bars

by Aisling Badger June 11, 2021

Energy Tonic Bars Excerpt

It's summertime, which means we are on the GO—packing in all the summer fun, outdoor adventures, and finding rest and renewal where we can. 

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7 Natural Solutions for Fatigue and Low Energy

by Aisling Badger May 25, 2021

Feeling tired and thinking about that 2 pm coffee? Dealing with a general sense of burnout and running on fumes? Herbs can help improve your energy, focus, and stamina.

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Digestive Bitters—5 things you need to know

by Urban Moonshine May 14, 2021

5 things to know about bitters

Herbal Medicine? Digestive Bitters? These terms often raise more questions than answers. Here are the top things you need to know about digestive bitters if you're bitter curious or just need a little reminder of why you were so excited to buy that bottle of bitters a few months ago

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