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New Year’s Resolutions and Radical Self-Care

by Aisling Badger January 03, 2017 2 Comments

New Year's Resolutions and Radical Self Care

As the year comes to a close, with some relief; and some anxiety about the state of our world in the future, we can turn to some simple routines...

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Less Stress 101: 5 Daily Habits for Busy Lives

by Guest Blogger October 12, 2016 1 Comment

5 Daily Habits for Busy Lives

Spoiler alert: there’s no single silver-bullet to manage your stress. Because there’s probably not one single thing that’s stressing you out.

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What makes Hit the Hay different?

by Rachael Keener June 06, 2016

What Makes Hit the Hay Different: Hops

Sleep latency: This term refers to the delay between getting into bed and actually falling asleep. The most common way to address this is with sedatives...

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5 Natural Beauty Rituals for Summer Radiance

by Guest Blogger June 01, 2016

Five Natural Beauty Rituals For Summer Radiance: Roses

After the long Northeast winter and this year’s chilly and hesitant spring, the arrival of the bright, expansive energy of early summer feels like a golden nectar...

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Simmer Down vs. Joy Tonic

by Rachael Keener May 25, 2016

Simmer Down Tonic vs Joy Tonic

Simmer Down Tonic offers daily, long-term nervous system support for less stress and more rest. Joy Tonic offers fast-acting support when stress leads to worry and tension...

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Hit the Hay and Simmer Down Tonic Are Here!

by Rachael Keener May 03, 2016

Hit the Hay--Urban Moonshine

Urban Moonshine’s team of herbalists have been extra busy these days so that you can slow down. How’s that? We’ve been refining two incredible new herbal formulas…

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Feeding Your Inner Light in the Dark Days of Winter

by Rachael Keener January 29, 2016

Joy Tonic for The Dark DaysWinter is a time of slowing down and turning inward. Rivers slow to a crawl before halting all together and freezing over. The sunlight wanes...

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What’s New With Energy Tonic?

by Rachael Keener January 06, 2016 4 Comments

Whats New With Urban Moonshine Energy Tonic

Due to the threatened ecological status of organic American Ginseng as well as the increased difficulty of finding the herb from reliable, ethical sources...

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A Nuanced Modern Love Potion

by Rachael Keener August 17, 2015

Chocolate Love Tonic--A Modern Love Potion

Love potions and aphrodisiac elixirs can be found in nearly every culture throughout time. It makes sense that records of these sexually stimulating formulas...

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The Road to Joy is Lined with Aromatic Plants

by Rachael Keener July 24, 2015

The Road to Joy is Lined with Aromatic Plants

Why is it that the wafting smell of a home cooked meal, a bouquet of showy, aromatic flowers, or the sweet smell of a blossoming linden tree on a balmy day...

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An Herbalist’s Approach to a Healthy Summer

by Rachael Keener July 12, 2015

An Herbalist's Approach to a Healthy Summer

Summer is a time of bounty, joy and spontaneity. The world around us flowers and ripens, beckoning us to follow suit and urging us not to miss out...

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Just a few of our daily habits…

by Vicki Kuskowski July 08, 2015

Daily Healthy Habits

Tonic herbalism is a way of life here at Urban Moonshine. There is a constant abundance of tea brewing, bitters being taken...

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