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An Herbalist’s Travel Apothecary

by Guest Blogger July 28, 2017 2 Comments

The older I get the more I love the adventure of traveling, and as opportunities continually come up, it gets harder and harder to stay put.

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Stinging Nettle: The Unsung, Bristly Superfood

by Guido Masé May 16, 2017 2 Comments

Most herbalists know of the nutritive value of nettles.We harvest them in spring and early summer, cook them in soup, or dry them to make...

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Feed Your Microbiome!

by Aisling Badger April 19, 2017 1 Comment

Feed Your Microbiome -- Dandelion Root

If you ask an herbalist, they will be sure to tell you that what you put into your body matters, and that digestion is the root of great health.

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Science Update: Artemisia, from Malaria to Cancer and Back to Basics

by Guido Masé March 09, 2017 2 Comments

Artemisia From Malaria to Cancer

Malaria is a deadly disease. Because of its reliance on tropical mosquitos for transmission, it disproportionately affects people living...

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Science Update: Whole Plants vs. Pills

by Guido Masé February 16, 2017

Science Update: Whole Plant vs Pills

Herbalists, though we’ve been known to use isolated constituents from plants, often prefer traditional, whole-plant preparations like teas, tinctures, or powders. These “crude” extracts...

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Cayenne Medicine & Winter Warmth

by Aisling Badger December 09, 2016

Cayenne Medicine and Winter Warmth

Capsicum annuum is the plant that produces the spicy fruit commonly known as Cayenne Pepper or Chili. It has been used by native cultures...

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DIY Herbal Facial Steam

by Urban Moonshine November 23, 2016 1 Comment

As traditional winter wellness practices for our sinus, herbal steams are also appropriate for welcoming spring, as they are a powerful herbal tool for clearing out stagnation and supportive to moving lymph.

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8 Herbs To Have In Your Medicine Cabinet This Fall

by Aisling Badger November 10, 2016

Eight Herbs to Have on Hand for Fall

An abundance of tea herbs, honey and lemon, fresh herbs like ginger, turmeric, cayenne and garlic are all great to have on hand throughout the winter...

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Echinacea Medicine

by Aisling Badger October 27, 2016

Echinacea Medicine

Echinacea is one of the most well-known herbal medicines today. Its characteristic cone-like flower has graced gardens and medicine cabinets for centuries...

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Elderberry Medicine

by Aisling Badger September 08, 2016 1 Comment

Elderberry Tea

Around this time in Vermont is when one of our most prized, delicious and medicinal plants finally fruits: Sambucus canadensis, the Elderberry!

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Science Update: Allergic Responses

by Guido Masé June 14, 2016

Science Update: Allergic Response

We have learned a lot about allergies and hypersensitivity over the last thirty years. In some cases, an allergy can be a life-threatening challenge...

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Update from Tanzania

by Guido Masé May 11, 2016

Update From Tanzania

I am writing from rural Tanzania, on the edge of the Serengeti, sitting at a small desk in a corner of the Wasso district hospital, surrounded by roots, powders...

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