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Bitters: A Gentle Daily Dose

by Rachael Keener April 22, 2016



If you wanted to get your body into good physical fitness, would you choose to exercise vigorously for 1-2 weeks of the year and otherwise remain inactive? If you wanted to live in a clean home, would you obsessively scour every nook and cranny for five straight days and every other 360 days let the mess pile up around you? Unless you’re a wise-cracker, I’m going to go ahead and guess you answered “no” to those questions. It’s only common sense and, in fact, the model described above can be detrimental.

Why, then, has our culture become so fond of the high-intensity detox cleanse?

While there is certainly a place for narrowing in on specific dietary and lifestyle habits for a short period of time as, say, a gentle Spring cleaning or for particular health-related reasons, our focus on extreme cleanses is in general both misguided and ineffectual.

If you’re looking to improve your health and feel better in your body, the real key is in making more subtle long-term shifts. Mohamed Ali is quoted as saying, “It isn’t the mountains ahead to climb that wear you down, it’s the pebble in your shoe”. So, let’s take a look at that pebble in your shoe; for addressing that is where you will find sustained change in your life and in your health. And you’ll feel a marked difference once you do.

An extreme cleanse could get you to the top of the mountain, but you may very well be hurting once you arrive and it’s unlikely you’ll be making it back up there again anytime soon. Instead, take a reasonable look at that pebble. Focus on moving your body every day and eating good protein, healthy fats and lots of greens. Make time for gratitude, deep breaths, and connection. With these gentle, sustained shifts, the stamina to climb any mountain will always be at your fingertips.

It is in these simple daily rituals that we call on bitters to do their best work and to keep us in our best shape. While it would be helpful to have a bottle of bitters with you for your yearly sprint up the mountain, they offer the most as a tonic. Taken daily before meals, your body will thank you for all of the health benefits they provide.

Enjoy the liver support bitters offer and expect a clean-burning metabolism, clear, healthy skin, and fewer cravings.

Appreciate how they support your digestion, and soothe gas and bloating. Note that bitters actually encourage digestive secretions, which in turns helps you absorb the most nourishment available in all that healthy food you are eating. Most of all, take small daily strides for your health and appreciate the energy and clarity that accompanies you each step of the way on your hike through life.

Cheers to your health!

Rachael Keener
Rachael Keener

8 Responses

Lexie Donovan
Lexie Donovan

November 13, 2017

Bitters are best taken straight for the full effect — you really want to taste the bitter flavor to stimulate all your great digestive processes. The tongue is the first step of the digestive system. However, if the taste is too strong starting out, you can dilute them in a tiny bit of water and still enjoy the great benefits that way!

Bebe Harris
Bebe Harris

October 13, 2017

Can the bitters be mixed in a liquid?

Vicki Kuskowski
Vicki Kuskowski

May 25, 2017

Hi Hansa,
Thanks for your comment. Bitters can help with occasional gas and bloating. We suggest using them at the regular dose of 1/4 teaspoon two or three times a day, before meals. Please be sure to consult with a qualified herbalist or other healthcare provider to support your health needs.


May 20, 2017

I have severe Nonestop Gas/Belching for many many years Please suggest dose for this kind of problem. Or, if you have any other product.

Vicki Kuskowski
Vicki Kuskowski

March 23, 2017

Hi Gretchen! Thanks for your question. We formulate our bitters with plenty of warming aromatics, making them safe for long-term daily use. You may find you don’t need to use them as often after a few weeks, in which case just once daily, usually around your largest meal, may be plenty.

Gretchen Conant
Gretchen Conant

March 19, 2017

I’ve been using your Original Bitters for about 3 months. I take a dropper full before every meal, and sometimes after. They have been very helpful…. My question is, How long can I continue taking the bitters? Is there a point where every meal usage is too much? Thanks.

Vicki Kuskowski
Vicki Kuskowski

September 26, 2016

Hi Brian. Here is the info from the “Education > About Bitters” area of our website. Let me know if you need more info:

To stimulate healthy digestion, enjoy approximately ¼ teaspoon (1.2 mL) of our bitters before or after meals– or to curb a sugar craving– up to 6 times daily if needed! Start small in your dose: everyone’s body is different, and many people find that a very small dose can be quite sufficient. If the bitter taste is especially rare in your diet, your digestion will fire up with just a very small amount of the bitters.

If using the refillable, travel-sized spray bottle, we recommend spraying directly into the mouth on the tongue 7 times before or after meals, or as needed to relieve bloating or a feeling of over-fullness.* 7 sprays is equal to ¼ teaspoon. There are about 12.5 servings in a ½ oz. (15 mL) spray bottle.

If using the 2 oz. dropper bottle, we recommend starting with ½ dropper full directly on the tongue. ½ of a dropper is equal to ¼ teaspoon. There are approximately 49 servings in a 2oz. (59.1mL) dropper bottle.

If using the 8.4 oz apothecary bottle, we recommend using it to refill one of the smaller sizes, or measuring ¼ teaspoon (approx. 2 dashes) for use directly on the tongue. There are about 200 servings in an 8.4 oz (250mL) bottle.

Brian Becker
Brian Becker

September 16, 2016

I do not see anywhere in the bottle what the suggested daily dosage should be, or if it should mixed, taken sublingually, etc. Can you please give me some guidance? It is this product. Thank you.

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