How To Take Digestive Bitters By Aisling Badger, September 13, 2017

How to use bitters:

We conveniently offer 3 different sizes of bitters, making it easy to take them with you everyday.

No refrigeration is required, and we make two TSA-approved sizes.

Spray it: 6 sprays will do the trick

Drop it: 1 full dropper / 2 half droppers.

Dash it: 4-5 dashes is the right amount!

Set yourself up for success. Here are a few pro suggestions
for creating healthy habits with digestive bitters:

1. Keep a digestive bitter spray in your purse at all times—that way if you are eating out,
you always have a remedy for an upset tummy, gas and bloating or occasional heartburn.

2. Keep a bottle of bitters near the stove—that way when you fire up to cook each day,
you are reminded to take your bitters before meals.

3. Keep bitters in your beauty bag—remember that beauty starts from the inside and
healthy glowing skin is a result of a properly functioning digestive system and thriving microbiome.

4. Keep bitters in your car glove compartment—great for road trips and morning commutes.

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A 3-day Summer Detox By Aisling Badger, August 16, 2017

Feeling a little maxed out with the summer eating and drinking activities? We have also been feeling this way. Generally, our healthy routines are a bit loose during the summer season, but after a few months we can start to feel sluggish, burned out and uninspired with our eating habits. These are the perfect reasons to take a few days to simplify, make space for creativity, reset digestion and cultivate healthy habits again, and it’s the perfect time to try a simple detox before heading into the fall season.

In most cases, our bodies are not toxic, and we do not need a serious detox. Hard detoxing can often deplete us more than we need and be potentially dangerous. Our bodies need support, nurturing and building to function properly. To improve your health and feel better in your body, the real key is in making more subtle long-term shifts.

We have outlined a simple three-day detox that is a healthy, yet realistic way to reset the digestive system, slow down a little and enjoy building your reserves for the changing season ahead.

This three day cleanse offers a gentle detoxification plan with a focus on digestion and nourishment, while setting you up to continue the suggestions after the three days are up. Cleansing is best during the spring and summer months because in winter we are trying to build all the reserves we have. So find a window of time, ask a friend to join for support, and treat yourself to some quiet downtime and gentle cleansing.

Detox Cleanse Bitters Vegetables

The 3-day detox

  • – Things […]

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Moonshine Popsicles: Frozen Digestif Treats By Aisling Badger, August 4, 2017

What if you could soothe your sweet tooth with a popsicle treat that improved your gut, curbed your sugar cravings and gave you relief from any other digestive upset?

Incorporating the bitter flavor into your daily diet supports normal secretion of digestive enzymes and bile, both of which are essential to proper digestive functioning. Not only do bitters provide immediate relief from the irritation of occasional indigestion gas, bloating and heartburn, but they support our digestive system health over the long term.

Because it’s summer and we are hit with a wave of ice cream treats and frozen drinks, we have some inspiration for how to keep it cool, fresh and healthy during the dog days of summer.

These bitter pops have been a favorite and are quite enjoyable as after dinner treats.

The digestive and carminative herbs paired with doses of our herbal bitters make for a delicious digestif that is loved by the whole family. Finding ways to get creative with taking herbs, not only improves your experience with using them in everyday life but provides creative activity, which we could all use a little more of! So unplug, get into the garden and whip up some of these easy digestive popsicles to enjoy throughout the rest of the summer.


Healthy Herbal Popsicles Recipe Bitters

Lemon Drop Bitter Pops

A refreshing lemony herbal popsicle

makes 5 pops

  • 1/2 oz Lemon Verbena leaves, chopped
  • 2 cups boiling water
  • Juice of 2 lemons.

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Healthy Liver Support By Aisling Badger, July 26, 2017

Healthy Liver Bitters

Our liver is a key player in the body’s digestive system and in the body’s ability to detox and cleanse itself naturally. In fact, the liver is one of the hardest-working organs in the body. It works overtime every day to cleanse our system, produce the bile needed to digest fat, balance cholesterol levels, break down our hormones, and store essential vitamins and minerals. 

Everything we eat or drink passes through the liver. It filters out whatever we don’t need plus any potential toxins—alcohol, synthetic substances, environmental pollution and processed foods.  

Our liver is our tried and true eliminatory organ and is one of the most important functions our body has. Regardless of lifestyle, it’s safe to say we could all use a little added liver support!

Here are four simple, holistic approaches you can take to have a healthy liver:

1. Bitters

  • Bitters are the natural, everyday solution for gentle liver support. The bitter flavor is what stimulates our body to produce bile—the substance generated by the liver to do its processing. Plus you can focus on certain combinations of bitter herbs that have an affinity to the liver. Our Healthy Liver Bitters were made with this in mind. They support a natural detox while encouraging the healthy production and release of bile. They can also be used as part of your diet to help maintain a healthy blood sugar level and to help maintain cholesterol levels that are already within normal ranges. 
  • Enjoy the liver support bitters offer […]

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