Detox and Metabolism: Supporting the Liver’s Crucial Role in Health by Guido Masé, September 15, 2016

Artichoke Leaf

The liver, a three-pound sponge full of blood that is lodged just around the lower right ribs, is our tireless defender. It daily throws itself in front of a barrage of chemistry, coming from inside our bodies, from our food, and from the world around us, and helps to process and safely eliminate it before it can harm our heart, blood vessels, joints, nerve tissue, and skin. But the liver is also a wise regulator of metabolism: it takes the carbohydrates, fats, and proteins we consume and coordinates their storage, converts them like currency one into the other as needed, and packages lipids and cholesterol for shipping to long-term storage in our adipose tissue. As such, it is exquisitely sensitive to insulin, and takes care of clearing sugars from the bloodstream after we eat. It also has the ability to create cholesterol from scratch, produces bile, and synthesizes a range of important molecules used to clot blood and ensure optimal immunity. Needless to say, we owe our lives – and much of our quality of life – to the liver.

For all these reasons, healthy liver function is one of the herbalist’s primary goals. We aim to support its defensive role by ensuring that the liver is producing antioxidants like glutathione at optimal levels. We pay attention to the liver’s insulin sensitivity, helping it react to this important hormone in a healthy, balanced way so that it can fulfill its role in blood sugar management. And when working to keep healthy cholesterol levels in their normal range, herbalists turn to liver support first.

There are many plants […]

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A Little Bit About Aller-Blast… by Rachael Keener, August 27th, 2015

It’s pollen season.  And if that doesn’t sound like good news to you, well, don’t get too disheartened yet. As experienced herbalists are happy to tell you, by supporting a healthy, balanced immune response and a well-functioning liver, it’s possible for everyone to bask in the joys abundant this time of year from a place of clarity and freshness. Our Aller-Blast formula is designed with this in mind and with the added benefit of also including herbs that have traditionally been used to support mucus membrane integrity for healthy eyes, nose, sinus, and respiratory tract. 


To understand how herbs support us during this season, it is helpful to understand balanced immune function and how it relates to liver function. Every day, a healthy immune system is busy at work identifying any unhelpful trespassers in the bloodstream and responding appropriately to eliminate them. At the same time, a healthy liver is breaking down and removing byproducts of the body’s normal everyday processes (i.e. immune responses) and metabolizing other normal bodily exposures (i.e. dietary and environmental) so that they can leave our body via the bowels. While an underactive immune response leaves one vulnerable, an overactive immune response can create a hot storm of activity that the liver is left to clean up after. This sort of upkeep is part of the liver’s everyday job. Supporting its optimal function therefor helps maintain clean, smooth metabolism. With this process in good working order, metabolites leave the body rather than recirculate in the bloodstream and your immune system is left to function in peace.


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