A Bitters Resolution by Rachael Keener, December 29th, 2015

We all know what happens with grandiose New Year’s resolutions: they aren’t usually very lasting. The desire to become a happier or healthier version of ourselves inspires many of us. We take the opportunity of a fresh start at the new year to commit to new habits. This drive is natural—biological, even. It is the desire to grow, and it constitutes the very core of what it means to be alive. Every living thing, at its essence, is here to grow. It is the deep rooted life force that miraculously propels tiny seeds into germination; to somehow defy gravity and push themselves up through the weight of the heavy earth; then to weather storm, drought, grazing animals, nibbling insects, and more; to grow right through it all and each year produce fruit. We humans are equipped with the exact same drive which makes us, and life, nothing short of spectacular. And so we do things like setting goals at each new year to continue growing into the best version of ourselves.

Path--Bitters Resolution

Sometimes, it may seem like we’ve got a lot stacked against us. All of the elements to weather, all of the storms and unpredictability. However, that we survive and thrive despite it all is testament to the fact that there is a whole lot in our favor. There must be more that supports us. And the challenges that do exist must push us to grow. When reaching for your New Year’s resolution, remember that undeniable, powerful life force that lies at your core and shine your light on what supports you in your growth. Remember what’s in your favor. To make […]

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Joyful DIY Herbal Gifts by Rachael Keener, December 9th, 2015

We’ve created some DIY herbal gifts that can accompany our Organic Joy Tonic to make the perfect gift this holiday season–think relaxation, inspiration and renewal. These items are simple to make and beautiful. They make perfect gifts for anyone on your list.

Serene Soak Ingredients Table


Serene Soak Bath Tea–10.5 cups total

Makes 21 individual Bath Teas  

Baths are a wonderful way to pamper yourself while soothing tension and bath teas make the experience extra special. The herbs in this blend are known for relaxing the mind and body and bringing joy to the heart. This recipe also includes epsom salts, a classic bath addition, that echo the effects of the aromatic herbs. Give them out individually with a personalized tag, tie them into bundles of three with decorative string, or find cute boxes for them.

2 cups Lemon Balm
3 cups Lavender
2.5 cups Rose Petals
3 cups Epsom Salts
1 oz Almond or Jojoba Oil
90 drops Lavender Essential Oil
30 drops Lemon Essential Oil
21 Muslin Tea Bags— size 3″ x 5″

Serene Soak Rose & Bags

1. Combine the herbs into a big bowl, mixing thoroughly.

2. In a small bowl, combine the almond or jojoba oil with the essential oils.

3. Add the oil blend to the epsom salts, mixing thoroughly.

4. Add the epsom salt and oil blend to the herbs.  Stir until fully incorporated.

5. Scoop ½ cup of mixture into each tea bag, then secure by tying tightly.  Stir as you go if necessary to keep the salts from settling to the bottom.

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