Raw Honey: An Urban Moonshine Favorite by rachael keener, october 30th, 2015

Nectar of the gods. Elixir of life. Food of the gods. Medicine of the people. Etc, etc. Honey has been given all of these names and the sweet, golden liquid has been touted in myth, lore and tradition spanning thousands of years and countless cultures. Its time-tested reputation as a cornerstone of health and vitality is backed up by a whole slew of modern day scientific research, as well.

Honey is, without a doubt, powerful stuff with many applications. Because our research and development team does its due diligence, we took note of its many traditional and current research driven uses. Its uses are so numbered, in fact, that honey holds a well-earned spot in each of our Herbal First Aid formulas. Yes, that’s right; Immune Zoom, Throat Spray, Aller-Blast and Clear Chest all feature pure, raw Vermont honey! Honey is unrivaled in supporting the immune and respiratory systems. It also coats, soothes and supports the throat, and is a traditional favorite during pollen season.


We choose raw honey because we think it’s the best of the best and none of its vitamins, minerals and amino acids are lost through heating or filtration processes. Plus, we all know that honey comes to us via the bees. And the bees miraculously synthesize this sweet nectar from the pollen of flowering plants. These pollen sharing beauties are the exact same trusted friends that herbalists turn to for supporting good health in a myriad of ways. Honey actually contains some of the metabolites of the plants that it comes from. This is part of the undeniable magic of honey, […]

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Sage, Spilanthes & Usnea for Your Throat RACHAEL KEENER, OCTOBER 23rd 2015

Every now and then all of us could use some support for our throat health. Urban Moonshine’s Throat Spray is blended to be powerful, yet gentle and soothing making it a wonderful ally in these times. The formula features sage, an herb that has been traditionally used in supporting the health of mucus membranes, especially the throat. Sage, which most of us are familiar with as a culinary herb, is in fact a super-star in our Throat Spray because it has so many qualities to offer. It coats and soothes, whiles its aromatic and astringent properties are drying to secretions and toning to the tissue it comes in contact with.   


Alongside sage in this formula, you’ll find the spunky yellow-button-flowered spilanthes. This mischievous little plant contains some of the same properties as echinacea and leaves behind a memorable tingly sensation, offering a feeling of numbness in the throat.  Since spilanthes is so full of personality, the formula is balanced out by licorice and honey which, as you might imagine, are excellent for coating and soothing. 


The final herb that makes an appearance in Throat Spray is usnea, a pale green lichen found in abundance dangling from decaying evergreen trees in every continent except for Antarctica. Plants that grow in such wide ranges often have many uses, and usnea is no exception. We include it here because, among other things, the lichen is traditionally used to support optimal immune function.   

When you’re looking […]

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Support Your Lungs Guido Masé, Chief Herbalist, October 15, 2015

Supporting normal, healthy lung function is an important daily consideration. Our bronchial tree is working every minute of every day, moving trapped material out of the chest by using a combination of fine hairs (known as cilia) and smooth muscle, which pulses upward in rhythmic motion carrying mucus and particulate matter along with it.


With Clear Chest, we strike a balance between moving and soothing, to achieve optimal lung support for a wide range of situations. Elecampane root, with is spicy, warm flavor, helps normal activity and circulation to the respiratory system. Thyme, with its rich complement of volatile oils, has a long traditional use record (and modern pharmacology to back it up) for supporting healthy, clear bronchial passages. And we use the perfect dose of lobelia to synergize with the first two powerful herbs: it interfaces with the smooth muscle that lines the passages of the lungs, providing just the right amount of tone. Optimal tone means that Clear Chest doesn’t make the lungs too tight and spasmodic, nor does it make them loose and underactive: it supports normal, balanced function.


We round out the blend with soothing licorice, and elderflower which has traditionally been used to encourage balanced mucus production. When you put it all together you have a fast-acting formula that addresses all the essential processes of the pulmonary system: bronchial muscle tone, activity of the cilia, and mucus production. You can feel it in your chest after the first dose.

Add some herbs to […]

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