An Herbalist’s Guide to a Healthy Fall by rachael keener, autumnal equinox, 2015

Ready or not, fall is here.  Daylight is beginning to dwindle in the northern hemisphere and there is an accompanying nip in the air.  Hopefully, you’ve had the opportunity to burn brightly alongside the carefree summer sun for the past few months and are ready to begin slowing down.

Making the most of fall in many ways means honing the mind, body and spirit to prepare for winter.  Before we go there, though, let’s first remember to simply take a breather after the busyness of summer. Our garden plants are slowing their production, the fields and forests no longer drip with fruit and flowers, and the sun slips much earlier behind the horizon giving us less daylight to pack full of work and play. What beckoned us all summer is now disappearing. Nature is giving us permission, leading by example in fact, welcoming us to slow down and to let go.


I take a breather in a literal sense. I am reminded of the value of a deep breath; of the pleasant spaciousness that remains after I inspire crisp fall air, hold it deep within my lungs, and then let it go. In the 5-element theory of Chinese Medicine, fall is aptly connected to the breath as well as to release. Many lifecycles are coming to an end. Witnessing natures small deaths all around us can help us feel comfortable in our own letting go, to perhaps even see the beauty in it. Fall is a time to lessen physical and emotional attachments, to let go of what no longer serves us so that we can go […]

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Immune Zoom! by Rachael Keener, September 17th, 2015

As the seasons change from sunny summer fun to colder, cozier days, I’m sure to stock plenty of immune supporting herbs in my herbal pantry. It’s always wise to have one’s herbal allies close at hand for when in the moment support is called for. Immune Zoom is my very favorite formula to lean on in these cases. It is packed with plants like elderberry and echinacea, that have a long history of traditional use for supporting optimal immune function, and accented by powerful, warming synergists ginger and cayenne. Finished with local, raw honey, this formula is simple but complete.

Having called on Immune Zoom time and again, it feels tried and true like an old friend. Understanding in detail how and why its individual herbs are so effective in supporting immune function backs up what has been my personal experience. This formula is more than the sum of its parts (though its parts alone are pretty darn impressive). All together and in just the right balance that Immune Zoom has managed to strike, these herbs synergize into a standout formula that offers refined, reliable and unbeatable in the moment support to your immune system.


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Immune Tonic—A Boost For Fall by Rachael Keener, September 8th 2015

As the change of seasons approaches and cooler weather begins creeping in, it’s time to shift some of our focus on wellbeing toward caring for our immune systems. When you take a look at herbal formulas geared toward immunity, almost all of them are designed to support you after your health has taken a dive. Now, trust me, I’m happy to have these plants and formulas around in the event that I do start feeling under the weather. But my best approach is to avoid getting there in the first place. I build a resilient immune system through the use of gentle but powerful tonic herbs that support healthy immunity. The immune system is like anything else, when it has a strong foundation it can weather a whole lot more and stay in good shape. And this is exactly why we made our Immune Tonic; a formula of robust roots, mushrooms and fruits designed to support and restore a healthy, balanced immune system. 


Since we are surrounded by a healthcare system that focuses much more on treating illness than building wellness, many of us aren’t as familiar with the concept of immune tonics. This being the case, I will elaborate a bit more on what distinguishes Immune Tonic from acute formulas. Acute formulas are generally designed to directly help your body fight an existing threat. Again, this is great if a bug has already made itself welcome. At this point, you want it out of your body ASAP so that you can be on the road to recovery. Immune Tonic, of course, […]

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