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Prevention Magazine                Darling Magazine                You Beauty              Chalkboard magazine

     Prevention Magazine          Darling Magazine                    You Beauty                    The Chalkboard


Fashion Snoops             Seed to Serum               Seen Heard Known            

 Fashion Snoops                  Seed to Serum                 Seen Heard Known                  Epicurious

                                             Ecocult               Purely Summer

                                                     Ecocult                            Purely Summer


Well and Good NYC                 Free People Blog                    Edible Green Mountains                 Organic Spa        

 Well + Good NYC              Free People Blog       Edible Green Mountains               Organic Spa        


Josie Girl Blog             Local Banquet              Food Trainers              K is for Kale              
   Josie Girl Blog                  Local Banquet                   Food Trainers                       K is for Kale                     

the Kitchn             Socially Superlative                   Radiant Life

      the Kitchn                Socially Superlative                            Radiant Life  

Richmond Natural Medicine             Nutritious America             Beauty Habit              Martha Stewart

Richmond Natural Med.        Nutrition America                 Beauty Habit                     Martha Stewart


     Organic Spa                       Food & Wine                      Fine Cooking                 Natural Solutions


        Imbibe                                   Radish                                Mothering              Mother Earth Living