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Herbal Education

Herbal Lectures with Guido Masé RH (AHG)

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-New blog post on Aromatics (think Joy Tonic!) by Guido: Aromatic Plants: Cultivating the Scented Garden Within

-April 4th Guido gave this excellent inspiring Dandelion Lecture in honor of spring and bringing wild plants back into our everyday lives!  Click the orange play button:


Past Lectures with notes or recordings:  

"Joyful herbs for the darker days" - Thursday October 13th, 2012  - 6-7pm local crowd welcome at Maglianero Cafe, 47 Maple St, Burlington, VT

Often times, the waning light can have deep effects on our outlook: sleep, mood, and productivity can suffer. Join us for an exploration of plants that soothe the senses and lift up the heart (while we are still enjoying the beauty of Autumn). Winter offers an opportunity to focus inward and crystallize knowledge: before the soil hardens, let's find out how to make the most of this and also keep ourselves joyful and in the flow.


"Medicinal Mushrooms" - Wednesday August 17th, 2012

The science of mycology is confirming the traditional understanding of mushrooms as invaluable agents for preventing disease and providing support in a range of conditions from allergies to immunodeficiencies and cancer. Learn about our connections to the kingdom Fungi as we focus on the uses and preparation techniques for the best medicinal mushrooms (most of which grow locally, too).

"Herbs for Athletes" - Thursday July 21st, 2012

"Alongside good nutrition, herbal support can be invaluable for athletes of all abilities. Learn how key herbs can help reduce the risk for injury to ligaments and muscles; alleviate the symptoms of common injuries and speed recovery; and enhance stamina and blood oxygenation during training and competition".


Medicinal Mushroom Lecture at Maglianero Cafe BTV 

Medicinal Mushroom Lecture at Maglianero Cafe in Burlington, August 2011

Upcoming Lectures:

When: Check back for updates or sign up for the newsletter mailing list!  Also check out our events page!

Where: @ Maglianero Cafe   47 Maple St. (round back facing the bikepath), Burlington VT  

Learn more about Guido Masé:




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