Dandelion Campaign

Dandelion campaign is our tribute to spring!

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This classic bitter herb helps you kick your digestion into gear for the spring season.

Guido Free Talk In May

Guido Free Talk In May

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Read Rachael Keener's Article on Bitters and Spring renewal

Take the Bitters Challenge!

Eat your bitters! In addition to Urban Moonshine’s wonderful liquid formulas, wild bitter herbs can be
eaten in salads, soups, as side dishes, etc. Add them to your daily diet to put yourself on the path to wild wellness.


Grow wild plants in your backyard!  “Bring the wild back into your yard. Rather than
planting grass grow “weeds” like dandelions and chickweed to reinvigorate the earth and create habitats for pollinators.
Learn more here about great pollinator plants to put in your garden. 

Listen to Guido’s Lectures!
Find the Dandelion lecture here.
Find the Getting Wild lecture here.

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